Ilham Omar – The New Pig On The Block

Ilham Omar with her pet rabbit "Porky"

She’s rude, crude, crass, racist, anti-semitic, anti-American, anti-white people, anti-Christian, and is a Muslim. She supports terrorists, C.A.I.R., Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and the killing of Jews.

She accuses American politicians of “dual loyalty” to Israel, stating “it’s all about the Benjamins”, suggesting they take money from Israel to betray America. She accused normal Americans and Trump of the most insidious and hateful things, and its all lies.

She believe in Shariah law, which stones adulterers to death, throws gays off of the roofs of buildings, allows men to beat and in some cases to kill their wife/wives. It also allows Muslim men to marry multiple women.

So to many Americans, and to us, she is the lowest form of human scum on the planet, which I think is giving her more credit than she is due. She has to look up to see snake shiite.

She is a PIG. She doesn’t deserve any respect whatsoever until she actually joins the human race. From here forward she will be referred to as Ilham Omar.

Embrace it Ilham.

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