The Lie Called Palestine: A Factual History Lesson


When the Arabs and the collective world calls upon Israel to give “Palestine” back to the “Palestinians”, they are showing their ignorance of history. The so-called “Palestinians” were originally Jewish. Ask the Romans, the Byzantines, the British, the Crusaders, etc.

There NEVER was a group of people called the “Palestinians” in ancient times or even 100 years ago. Palestinians didn’t exist as a “nationality” because there had never been a country called Palestine.

Palestine was a geographical area, then just called Syria, or to be more specific, one of Syria’s territories. It was never “Palestine” when it was under Ottoman rule or under the rule of any of the other Islamic empires before them. Never.

It was just a territory of Syria, nothing more, nothing less. Under Roman rule, long ago, it was called “Syria Palestinia“. This was the name the Romans gave this area. It was inhabited by Jews, not Arabs, not “Palestinians”, not Martians, not aliens from another planet. Jews lived and suffered under the tyranny of the Romans in Syria. But make no mistake, it was Syria, not Palestine.

After Roman rule ended it was never called Palestine either. It was controlled by the Byzantines and then the Muslims. Never did any of these empires consider Jerusalem as anything more than a small city in a small territory. Jerusalem was never the capital of any country, state, territory, etc.

The Crusaders came later and set up a nation called Jerusalem, which makes them the only people other than the Jews that called Jerusalem their capital. The Muslims then kicked them out and ignored the city for over 700 years. For those of you who don’t know, the Crusaders were Christians.

The Jews were given their ancestral land to inhabit after the Germans failed to exterminate them during WWII. They created the state of Israel on May 14, 1948. US President Harry S. Truman recognized the State of Israel later the same day.

When the Jews returned and named Jerusalem as their capital, the Muslims immediately claimed that Jerusalem was their 3rd most holy site in Islam. This came out of nowhere as there had been no mention anywhere in Islamic history before the 1900’s that Jerusalem was their 3rd most their “holy site”. Not a word. Nada. And if you’ll check the historical record, you’ll see that it was never designated as such, until the 1960’s.

The claim of Israel actually being Palestine started with Yassir Arafat during the early ’60’s. In fact, the Arabs that lived in the area before the creation of the State of Israel would have been terribly offended if you had called them “Palestinians”, as that is an insult to them as they considered (at that time) Palestinians to be Jews, as they were the original inhabitants of the area.

The radical Islamists that created the PLO were hell-bent on continuing the work of Adolf Hitler, which was to exterminate the Jews, all of them.

It was the world that gave Israel its ancestral land back to them. The Jews didn’t “take” the land from anyone. This is all a media created lie by the anti-Semites of the world, and there are plenty of them to go around.

Here is a wonderful article from Target of Opportunity:

The 1948 Israeli War of Independence was between the neighboring Arab countries and the newly formed state of Israel. The Arab countries did not send troops to help the people that are today known as “Palestinians” but rather they sent troops to drive the Jews into the sea.

Most of the “Palestinian Arabs” fled to avoid the fighting. Remember, in 1948 they were not referred to as “Palestinians”This name was created by the Soviet disinformation masters in 1964 when they created the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

The term “Palestinian People” as a description of Arabs in Palestine appeared for the first time in the preamble of the 1964 PLO Charter, drafted in Moscow. The Charter was affirmed by the first 422 members of the Palestinian National Council, handpicked by the KGB. This term was formally used by newspapers around the world after 1967.

United Nations Resolution 181 recommended a partition of the territory from the British Mandate for Palestine into two states – one for Jews and one for Palestinian Arabs. But the rejection of partition by the Arabs left in place as the legally operative Mandate for Palestine, the 1924 Anglo-American Convention, and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter.

All of the Arab countries objected to the creation of the Jewish state and fought a war against its creation. This was Israel’s War of Independence in 1948. Despite their superior numbers, the Arab countries lost the war and the Palestinian state never materialized because of this loss.

In the war that was waged, the territory allotted to be the Palestinian state by the UN partition resolution was divided between Israel and Jordan. The “Palestinian Arabs” were rejected by every single Arab country, with the exception of the small percentage that ended up in refugee camps in Jordan where they remain to this day.

Please read this informational article from The ADL:

Following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, the British assumed control of Palestine. In November 1917, the British government issued the Balfour Declaration, announcing its intention to facilitate the “establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.” In 1922, the League of Nations granted Britain a mandate over Palestine which included, among other things, provisions calling for the establishment of a Jewish homeland, facilitating Jewish immigration and encouraging Jewish settlement on the land.

The Arabs were opposed to Jewish immigration to Palestine and stepped up their attacks against the Jews. Following an increase in Arab attacks, the British appointed a royal commission in 1936 to investigate the Palestine situation. The Peel Commission recommended the partition of the country between Arabs and Jews. The Arabs rejected the idea while the Jews accepted the principle of partition.

At the end of World War II, the British persisted in their immigration restrictions and Jewish survivors of the Holocaust were violently turned away from the shores of Palestine. The Jewish Agency and the Haganah continued to smuggle Jews into Palestine. Underground cells of Jews, most notably the Irgun and Lehi, engaged in open warfare against the British and their installations.

The British concluded that they could no longer manage Palestine and handed the issue over to the United Nations. On November 29, 1947, after much debate and discussion, the UN recommended the partition of Palestine into two states ­ one Jewish and one Arab. The Jews accepted the UN resolution while the Arabs rejected it.

Meanwhile, since the time of the British Mandate, the Jewish community in Palestine had been forming political, social and economic institutions that governed daily life in Palestine and served as a pre-state infrastructure. Zionist leader David Ben-Gurion (1886-1973) served as head of the pre-state government.

The British mandate over Palestine officially terminated at midnight, May 14, 1948. Earlier in the day, at 4:00 p.m., David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the creation of the State of Israel and became its first prime minister. Longtime advocate of Zionism in Britain Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952) became Israel’s first president. On May 15, the United States recognized the State of Israel and the Soviet Union soon followed suit.

The fledgling State of Israel was faced with many challenges. While fighting a war of survival with the Arab states who immediately invaded the new nation, Israel had to also absorb the shiploads of immigrants coming in daily to the Jewish homeland. Many were penniless refugees from Europe broken in body and in spirit. They needed immediate health and social services in addition to acculturation to their new home.

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