Trump Accused of Doctoring Video – (PS: It’s Called Humor)


President Trump tweeted a video of Joe Biden massaging his own shoulders and across the MSM they are screaming that the meme is a “doctored” video. The word “doctored” insinuates Trump intended to deceive people and the media is fully aware of their implications.

The idiots on the left are attempting to smear the President as having tweeted fake or edited footage in an attempt to fool people by sharing a humorous video. Of course it is edited, or faked, or manufactured, or whatever you moronic Socialists want to call it.

We Americans, being of sound mind (compared to Socialist morons) know HUMOR when we see it, and this is FUNNY!!! And YES it is FAKED VIDEO!!! Call Sunkist!!!

And sadly, the Democrats and their followers are too stupid to know humor when they see it. They see dastardly deeds lurking behind everything that President Trump does.

And YES, it’s a DOCTORED video because anyone (except you stupid Democrats) would know that it is impossible for a man to separate into two men and then proceed to rub ones own shoulders. So you are stating the obvious, duhhhhh.

Wow, how stupid are these Socialist cretins? We’ve done a quick study and the results are startling…

One out of three Democrats is just as stupid as the other two…

The creator of the meme is Carpe Donktum who was the winner of the Infowars $10,000 NPC Meme contest that was held in November of 2018.

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