Does Cortez Identify As Being Black Or Is It Dialect Appropriation? Nope, Just Pandering To Blacks

Claims to be a Latina, speaks like a black southerner (on demand only) and calls others racist for calling her out on her Hillary Clinton impersonation.

There can be no other explanation for her bizarre change in dialect. Until Friday, April 5, 2019, Cortez never used the accent nor the pronunciation of certain words like she did during her speech to an African-American audience.

She’s never uttered the word “ain’t” in a southern dialect nor “southernized” other words to appeal to any other crowd unless they are black. She uses millennial terms such as “like”, “ummm“, “errrr“, “y’know“, etc. with that “California girl” accent, not “y’all” and “ain’t”.

Can you imagine if Trump got up in front of a crowd of blacks and says “Yo’ n****r, ‘sup? What da f*** you been doin’ n****r? Suck my f*****g d*** n****r!” as a greeting to a black friend he saw in the crowd? That’s the exact greeting I heard yesterday between two black men at Publix, in front of women and children. Trump would be excoriated 24/7 until his term was over.

That would be a much better scenario than what Cortez did during her monologue at the National Action Network, the Al Sharpton organization known for their racism and disdain of lighter skinned peoples. What she did was out and out ridiculing blacks and their accents. That’s what you’d say about Trump doing it, and that’s exactly what it was when Cortez did it.

Not having been there, I can’t speak for the crowd, but if I were black and had someone, anyone that is non-black, come before me to lecture me and then use a demeaning and insulting accent, I would be livid, insulted, and totally pissed.

There is nothing wrong with the accent, I’ve even got a southern drawl a bit, but this is NOT how Cortez speaks normally. And she took on a decidedly “black” accent. It’s amazing how when she gets in front of black folks, her speech magically becomes “hood”. She is truly pandering to the crowd.

The question of the hour is, do they know it? Are they aware that she is making fun of them and the way they speak. She is denigrating each and every one of them with each word. And they don’t realize it?

Hey y’all, I be a fixin’ to gib y’all a history lessun ’bout you alls speechification. You don be speekin like da white devil do it ya hear me now? Y’all best be gittin’ on wid it.

Now what would a group of black Harvard grads think if a white person spoke to them like that simply because they were black? They’d insist, and they’d be correct, that it’s racist. And what Cortez did is racist.

Cortez professes to be a proud Puerto Rican from the Bronx… Just Alex from the Bronx, but this is not a Bronx accent people. And for the record, Cortez is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

See the Hillary Clinton speech below where she also tries to sound “black”

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