Mexico Blames Immigration Problem On Drought


Mexico’s Socialist President is softening immigration policies for people traveling through Mexico to come to the USA illegally by offering “humanitarian” visas to all who call themselves “asylum seekers”.

Of course, those are just two words taught to the illegals by the coyotes or by the organizers of the caravans.

Mexico is saying that the number of immigrants is increasing because of a drought in Guatemala. Additionally, Mexico is lying by saying that the number of illegal immigrants has fallen by 32% from a year earlier, when in reality the number of Guatemalans showing up at the border has doubled since last year.

If Mexico secured their southern border, then we’d not have nearly as big of a problem on our southern border. We’d only have Mexicans trying to come across illegally. But we’ve got people from 20+ countries routinely crossing our borders without permission, i.e. illegally.

But Mexico is actively enabling and assisting these migrants. They supply buses, trucks, trains, and cars to move the thousands of people north to the US border.

In Guatemala, the coyotes and their gangs actually advertise on TV and radio in their cities as to how easy and “affordable” (minimum $3,500) it is to be guided to the US border by their “guides”.

If these people have at least $3,500 each (many have paid up to $8,000 it is reported) for a single person to come north, then they are not the poor campesinos that the media in America tell us that they are.

How does an 18-year-old in Guatemalan, with a 17-year-old wife and a 2-year-old son have $3,500 in cash to pay a guide to get him to the USA? He’s either drug dealer, mule, pimp, thief, etc. He did not earn $3,500 in cash selling trinkets on street corners or making street tacos to sell.

This is the exact type of person we do NOT want in America any longer.

President Trump, do what you have to do, but you need to STOP this invasion of illegal alien criminals into the US, NOW!!!!

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