“Death To America” ~ Iran’s Death Wish


Delusions of grandeur. Always been the bully on the block. Supports international terrorism. They hate Jews and are dedicated to the eradication of Israel and the deaths of all Jews. They hate America, “The Great Satan”, and we’re 2nd on their list to eradicate.

They open their government meetings with a prayer then they chant “Death To America”. This is not hyperbole. It’s a fact. They need to look in the mirror and see how big, or rather how little their country actually is.

But they are itching for a fight for some reason. Granted, they are a bunch of fanatical hotheads that will kill you for simply existing in “their” world. But weighing about 145 lbs. and taking the biggest kid on the block that weighs 250 lbs. is insanity. But that is what Iran is all about. It’s an insane country ran by insane mullahs that hate everything not Islamic.

The following table shows the relative strength of the US vs Iran, and as you can see Iran would take the beating of a lifetime if they really instigated a military action, say sink one of our ships in international waters. Trump isn’t Barack Obama, but Iran probably doesn’t realize that. They truly believe that “Allah” will save them. Good luck with that by the way.

The table doesn’t show weapons that only the US has and Iran does not, i.e. bunker buster bombs, MOAB, and nuclear weapons which number around 6,800 ready to launch at a moment’s notice, and we can rest assured that Iran’s capital, its major cities, industrial centers, oil refineries, military bases, etc. are all targeted, ready to erase.

Available Manpower144,872,84547, 324,105
Reaches Military Age Annually4,188,2741,394,476
Total Military Personnel2,141,900 (est.)873,000 (est.)
Active Military Personnel1,281,9000523,000
Total Aircraft Strength13,398509
Total Helicopter Strength5,760126
Combat Tanks6,2871,634
Armored Fighting Vehicles39,2232,345
Self-Propelled Artillery992570
Towed Artillery8642,128
Rocket Projectors1,0561,900
Total Naval Assets415398
Aircraft Carriers240
Patrol Vessels1388
Mine Warfare113
Labor Force160,400,00030,500,00
Merchant Marine Strength3,611739
Major Ports, Hubs, Terminals333
Roadway Coverage6,586, 610 km172,927 km
Serviceable Airports13,513319
Defense Budget716,000,000,000 USD6,300,000,000 USD
Square Land Area9,826,675 km1,648,195 km
Coastline19,924 km2,440 km
Oil Production9,352,000 bbl/dy4,469,000 bbl/dy
Oil Consumption19,000,000 bbl/dy1,870,000 bbl/dy

As you can see, Iran wouldn’t last very long, even with nuclear weapons. But there really is no scenario brewing that would put Iran in our crosshair, but that’s totally up to them and their actions. Their biggest worry at the moment is Israel, as they are attempting to goad Israel into striking them again and again in Syria and Lebanon.

As Iran will find out when they take on Israel, they aren’t nearly as strong nor as well trained as a real military. Israel doesn’t “fake” their weaponry for the tabloids to “leak” photos of their powerful weapons. Iran will realize that once they initiate combat actions against the Jewish state.

If and when they do? Bye bye Iran. It wasn’t nice knowing ‘ya…

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