Medieval Infectious Diseases Are Back! Thanks Democrats!


Diseases that have been non-existent in America for decades or hundreds of years are now making a major comeback due to the ever-increasing amount of feces and urine on our streets. Thank you Democrats!

The Kaiser Health News issued a report saying “Infectious diseases – some that ravaged populations in the Middle Ages – are resurging in California and around the country, and are hitting homeless populations especially hard.” The experts warn of an oncoming “public health crisis” that could see the diseases becoming commonplace in the general population.

The problem seems to be feces from the homeless population which are literally dropped wherever they want. The problem has been exacerbated by the local government’s handing out free needles to addicts and some cities actually provide free “shooting galleries” so the addicts have a “safe space” to shoot up in.

And remember, San Francisco banned plastic straws, but provide FREE needles to junkies. Which is more dangerous?

San Francisco, Southern California, New Mexico, Ohio and Kentucky are being particularly hard hit, and it’s primarily those who are homeless or use drugs.

San Francisco’s junkie population has reached 25,000 people, and they use the sidewalks as outdoor toilets, even in broad daylight, in front of families and children. No biggie to a junkie, it’s THEIR bathroom!

SanFran passes out free needles to the 25,000 junkies, who greatly outnumber the city’s high school students (16,000). They handed out a record 5.8 million free needles and syringes last year, around a half-million more than the previous year.

SanFran also had 9,659 complaints about needles littering the sidewalks and streets in 2018.

Question: Why pay for free needles, free shooting galleries, free health care, free AIDS treatment, free stuff in general for these miscreants? The cities are spending taxpayers hard earned money to support drug addicts that are incapable of working because they CHOOSE to do drugs. How insane is that?

Why not spend the money on helping them clean themselves up and start a new life? Education instead of enabling bad behavior.

The really sad part is that the citizens of Frisco, overwhelmingly Socialist or Liberal, voted for all of these “free” policies. Give them whatever they need, whatever they want, when they need and want it. They allow them to defecate and urinate on streets/sidewalks any hour of the day or night, in full view of the public! They allow for this just as gay sex in public is not something that is taboo.

But now, some of the wealthy liberal are fighting a proposal to build a new 225-bed homeless shelter near their gated mansions in the extremely expensive and very trendy South Beach area, near the Embarcadero area of the city, which is in the middle of the tourist area also.

This new homeless shelter, unlike most others, will have no curfew for the drug addicts, they can come and go as they please. It will be staffed 24/7 supposedly. Seems as if the people that pay the taxes don’t want these freeloaders, that they pay for and give needles to, and to actually shoot up and sleep next door to them. Put them in a poor neighborhood.

Facts over the years have shown that whenever a new “homeless/drug” shelter is opened, crime rates increase 50% or more immediately. This is NOT fake new. This is reality, coming soon to a town near you!

Thank you Democrats!h

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