Here’s Your Something Ilham…

The New York Post blasts the America hating Omar for her despicable and hateful comment.

Rep. Ilhan Oman, (D-MN), you, being the peaceful and tolerant Muslim that you’re so proud of being, also support terrorist actions against innocent men, women, and children such as:

  • Running planes into buildings
  • Blowing up buses
  • Beheadings
  • Torturing children to obtain confessions from parents
  • Monthly payments to jihadist murderers families
  • Drowning humans alive
  • Burning humans alive
  • and other unspeakable offenses against humanity

The New York Post has also called you out for the despicable human creature that you are. You’ve burned your bridge, there is no going back now Ilham. You’ve chosen sides in a war you can’t win.

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