Liar? Hypocrite? Ideologue? Socialist? Heeeere’s Jerrold!


Jerrold Nadler. He hates because he can. He just picks a target and turns on his hate switch and rants on without thought or principle. Granted, you must have principles to follow them, and Nadler has none. He is a hypocrite of the worst kind. A hypocrite in power. A hypocrite with a Socialist agenda. A Nadler.

He wants Mueller’s report on Trump, release immediately, without redactions, which he KNOWS is against the law. You must remove Grand Jury testimony, etc. But he’s still making demands for the socialist audience, even as he knows the DOJ cannot release without the redactions. But he is intimating to his “people” that Trump is refusing to release it because he has something to hide. Again, another Democrat creating a “crisis” out of thin air.

Trump has nothing to do with it being released. That is the DOJ that determines how much of it and when it can be released.

This is so hypocritical on so many levels because 21 years ago when Ken Starr finished the Clinton investigation (the one where Clinton was impeached and lost his law license for lying to a Federal Judge), Nadler virulently opposed the release of an unredacted version saying “Much of this material is federal 6(e) material, that is material that by law, unless contravened by vote of the House, must be kept secret.”

He also objected to the report being released in any form whatsoever, redacted or otherwise. To Nadler, it was a blatant abuse of power for the AG to release anything Nadler doesn’t approve of.

Oh OK, the EXACT SAME as we have now with the Mueller report. What law changed? Not a one. The exact same laws still apply to redacting reports before release, then as now.

But you are telling your people that this has never been done before, it’s an afront to humanity, that we have the right to know, the Orange Clown is lying to us and needs to be removed from office.

Well, why didn’t we have the right to know about then President Bill Clinton? Why were you carrying water for him then?

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