Man Enters St. Patrick’s Cathedral In NYC With Gas Cans, Lighter Fluid and Lighters Was Only Trying To Gas Up His Minivan


Philosophy Professor Marc Lamparello was apprehended by police after entering St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC with 2 full cans of gasoline, 2 containers of charcoal lighting fluid and 2 lighters. He was arrested, but hours later had not been charged.

According to the pudgy Lamparello, he had run out of gas and was just returning to his minivan to refuel it with the 4+ gallons of gasoline, 2 quarts of charcoal starting fluid and two butane lighters he was carrying. And silly us, we actually thought minivans ran on either diesel or gasoline only. Our bad.

Lamparello arrived outside St. Patrick’s on Fifth Avenue, parked and walked around the area for a few minutes, then he returned to his minivan at 7:55 PM EST to retrieve the gas, lighter fluid, and butane lighters and immediately went inside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral where he was confronted and apprehended.

He told the police that he was cutting through the cathedral to get to Madison Ave. because his car had run out of gas. The police who stopped him then went to his vehicle to determine if it was out of gas, and it was not. He was lying because he was about to pull a “Notre Dame” on St. Patrick’s Cathedral. No reasonable thinking person would assume otherwise.

The gas was in the vehicle, video shows him retrieving it from his minivan, so he wasn’t “returning” to his vehicle as many in the Leftist media are trying to portray.

Lamparello has taught for Lehman College, Brooklyn College and Seton Hall University, but where he is currently indoctrinating our youth is unknown at this time. He looks like the typical fat, slobby, stupid looking, unkempt Socialist professor in any other college, kind of like a white Stacey Abrams.

Of course, the police, who are never suspicious of a Leftist college professor carrying 4 gallons of gas, lighter fluid, and butane lighters in America’s most sacred church, said they have no idea what his intentions could have been.

Really? Take a wild guess…