Honesty and Democrats (or the Media) Should Never Be Used In The Same Sentence


The facts are in and the Democrats and their media are in a total meltdown mode because there was no Trump / Russian collusion. None. Keiner. κανένας. Nessuna. 没有. Tidak ada. Nemo. никто. Geen. Nada. Aucun. Ma jiro. 없음. Ingen. Nenhum. कोई नहीं. Tiada. Pa gen yonn. کوئی بھی. Không ai. Niemand. なし.

We can say it in dozens of other languages, but it translates to the same thing… NONE!

Not even a smidgen. For 2 years Democrats and the media knowingly perpetuated the biggest lie in the history of American politics. This was an orchestrated coup attempt on the President of the United States.

Schiff, Maddow, Nadler, Acosta, Schumer, Matthews, Pelosi, Lemon, Cummings, Smith, Swalwell, Scarborough, Waters, on and on and on. The media and their butt buddies the Democrats doing what they do best, which is create false narratives of the day solely for the purpose of fomenting hate against the President. The media then shouts them from their bully pulpit 24/7/365.

Everyone now knows there was no collusion, but ideologues gave up that lie a couple of weeks ago when they took up “obstructionism”. They have already forgotten Russian collusion because now it’s Trump “obstruction”. So for the next 2 years we’ll be bombarded with “bombshell” revelations, “groundbreaking” testimony, and “damning and irrefutable” evidence of obstruction by Pres. Trump.

It started before the report was even released because Nadler, Schiff, Swalwell, Schumer, Pelosi, Cummings, etc. have been on the new fake narrative of “obstruction” for a couple of weeks now, as they knew what was in the report, and it basically exonerated Trump, no matter what CNN and MSNBC say.

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