April Ryan Calls for Sarah Sanders To Be Decapitated

Miss Piggy (L) and CNN's April Ryan (R)... no wait is that right? CNN's April Ryan (L) and Miss Piggy (R).... Wait a minute, which is which? Both are pigs? Time to contact Cortez as she knows everything...

The leftists are circling the wagons saying that just because the fat, disgusting, human turd known as CNN’s April Ryan called for someone to “lop off her head” (Sarah Sanders head), that she didn’t mean to actually “lop off her head”, it was meant as a loving and kind gesture of friendship and love.

Tell that to the thousands of victims of Islam that have been beheaded by those “peaceful and tolerant” Muslims over the past 4 decades. Tell them that their heads weren’t chopped off, but that they were merely loved and appreciated in a different sort of way.

When will CNN fire her for calling for the murder of the White House Press Secretary? The obvious answer is never, but they’ll give her a raise and a promotion instead. She is the perfect Socialist. Of low intelligence, questionable moral character, is obese, has a face not even a mother could love, can make up lies on the fly and probably smells like a 2-day old diaper.

The pig Ryan (we mean no insult to pigs which are decent and intelligent creatures compared to their human counterpart A.P.) has been on a tear recently against the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her father, former Governor Mike Huckabee.

But Ryan stepped up the rhetoric twelve notches by advocating for one of the Democrats weak-minded followers (pick one) to decapitate Sanders. Maybe they can have Jussie Smollett call up his Nigerian friends and they’ll do it? They won’t even have to dress up in whiteface this time!

But what would happen if Fox News called for Ryan’s head to be chopped off? Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue? CNN calls disagreeing with them, on any subject, as “inciting violence”.

Personally, I think it would be a grand day in America for some nutjob radical Islamist to “lop off” Ryan’s head, but then we all know how much Muslims hate pigs, so I doubt that any decent Muslim would touch the pig Ryan, but we can always hope can’t we?

In the same rant Ryan said that Sanders lied and said that Jim Acosta “hit an intern”. That’s just the pig Ryan lying, again. Sanders said that Acosta “put his hands on her”, which he did, watch the video Ryan. You should also watch the video where Sanders said Acosta put his hands on her. She never said he “hit her”. Those are YOUR lying words.

Recently you’ve also challenged Sanders to a fistfight where you evidently planned to sit on her and crush her to death with 300+ pounds of your ugly fat carcass. Granted, you would squash her in a New York minute.

You also accused her of lying about baking a pie? You really did! What a stupid thing to rant on about on national news April! Can’t you come up with a salient question to ask about the border? Immigration? Health care? Jobs? Fake climate change? Anything?

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