800 Christians Murdered or Injured Easter Sunday ~ MSM Worried About Hurting The Terrorists “Feelings”

The peaceful and tolerant religion known as Islam sending 21 Christians home to Jesus by "lopping off their heads".

The New York Times. The BBC. LBC. The Washington Post. At one time they were the definitive sources for news.. Back in the ’70s and ’80s in Indy, I would drive downtown to the newsstand at Washington St. and Capitol Ave. to purchase the NYT, 7 days a week, and I didn’t even own a bird.

But that is when they were at least nominally intellectually honest. Now? It seems to be how many lies and/or obfuscations they can cram into each page. All that matter is to hate Trump, hate white people, hate America, hate Americans. This is what Obama brought to the table and left.

Christians burned to death by peaceful and tolerant Muslims

Case in point. After the mass murder by Muslims this past Easter Sunday, the BBC worries that “Sri Lankan Muslims are left nervous and afraid”. Of what? That their fellow Muslims murdering 300 Christians and wounding another 500 in the Easter weekend terrorist bombings somehow harmed them?

Did the BBC worry about the safety of “white people” in New Zealand after the Christchurch mosque massacre? No, not at all, and in fact, they labeled them all as possible or probable “white supremacists”.

Christians murdered by the peaceful and tolerant followers of Islam

The Washington Post put out a story called “Christianity under attack? Sri Lankan church bombings stoke far-right anger in the West.” What does that even mean? And how is it quantified? What anger? Where? How has it manifested itself? Were we supposed to celebrate and pass out candy like the Muslims did on Easter Sunday afternoon?

Christian child killed by peaceful and tolerant Muslims for refusing to convert to Islam

Another UK rag, LBC cited an analyst that worries that the massacre in Sri Lanka “may lead to further violence against Muslims”. WHAT??? 800 Christians lay dead and or bleeding and the British are worried about the Muslims “feelings”? Typical nonsense from the Muslim appeasers.

So the self-loathing of Western Europe has finally infiltrated the NYT and WaPo it seems. Muslims murder hundreds in a far away country and it’s the white people in America that are to blame, as we all know that all white people in America are racist white supremacists, right?

Christian being beheaded by peaceful and tolerant Muslim for the crime of being Christian

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