CORTEZ! RASHITA! ILHAM! The Three Stoogesses Are Silent After Sri Lanka!

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Cortez. Rashita. Ilham. Not an ounce of intellectual honesty or intelligence between the three of them. They are bonafide racists, anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Caucasian, and these are the nicest things we can say about them.

Cortez, Rashita, and Ilham are haters of most things that most Americans love, whether it be family, babies, jobs, freedom, security, liberty… They hate it all and are not afraid to lecture us on our failings on a daily basis. Normally, each day they tell us how racist, misogynistic, sexist, etc. that we are as a country, but they’ve become strangely quiet for some reason.

Did “some people do something” again??? Yes they did!

The Sri Lanka ISLAMIC TERRORIST BOMBINGS BY MUSLIMS has caused them to become collectively silent. Not a single word in condemnation of this barbaric and horrific slaughter. Not one word. Think about that.

After Christchurch, where a white person killed 49 Muslims, Cortez, Rashita, and Ilham couldn’t spread the hate and vitriol fast or far enough. They eventually blamed President Trump and/or climate change for the carnage in New Zealand. And they kept up their hate-filled vitriol for 2 full weeks. 49 dead, a tragedy.

But after 359 Christians were murdered by Muslims in Sri Lanka, along with over 500 wounded, for once they have nothing to say at all. Even when asked they give the “deer in the headlights look”. Sri whaaaaat???? Never heard of him… Who is he?

You’d think they’d be somewhat creative and at least attempt to blame Trump or climate change for this one also. At least then they would be consistent at something besides showing their racism, hatred, and ignorance.

Of course, IF they decided to be intellectually honest, they’d be lauding the Muslim terrorists and celebrating the deaths of the 359 Christians, while lamenting the fact that the other 500+ were not killed.

Probably even their moronic and hateful followers would not agree with them this time? Nah, just kidding. Of course, they’d agree with them!

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