No Immigrants To Sanctuary Cities Say Pelosi & Schumer!


The world has suddenly turned upside down. Cats are now sleeping with dogs. The sky is below us. The grass is pink. The media is telling the truth. Politicians are honest. Trump is guilty. Clinton is innocent. Jim Acosta is not an azzclown.

JUST KIDDIN’! None of the above is true and we all know it is not true. It just seems as if we’re all of a sudden in an alternative universe though, doesn’t it? The Democrats have now come out against sending illegal immigrants to their own sanctuary cities? WHAAAAT?

For the past 10+ years, all we’ve heard from the Governors and the Mayors in Illinois, in California, in Oregon, in Colorado, in Washington, in New York and other Democrat sanctuaries is: Send us your illegal aliens, your illegal criminals, your sick, your poor, your uneducated, your MS-13 members, and other miscreants.

We love them. They have the spark of divinity. They are children of God. We’ll protect and nurture them. We’ll feed and house them. We’ll provide them with drugs and condoms and needles. We’ll give them free medical care. Come one, come all. Bring your families and neighbors. Bring everyone!

And ‘lo and behold, the poor of Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador, and dozens of other countries are coming, by a hundred thousand or so every month. The Democrat’s invites have been taken seriously, and as a result, we’ve got a security and humanitarian crisis on our Southern border.

The Democrats have been saying this crisis doesn’t exist. They should know better as they are the ones that created it!

And yes, it IS absolutely a manufactured crisis. Manufactured by the Democrats repeated calls for all poor people of the world to come to here, and we’ll take care of them, forever, for free. Manufactured by the US money that paid for TV and radio ads in Honduras and El Salvador inviting them here. All you have to do is to show up at the southern US border with Mexico. The Mexicans will help you get here, for a price, and then we’ll do the rest.

The Democrats continually preach to us that illegal immigrants always make our communities safer because they do not commit crimes at all. They make us more prosperous, with a higher quality of living. They say the illegals open businesses and create jobs, create wealth, and are a net-negative drain on our resources. The Dems tell us they bring more to the table than they take.

Then, why are they waiting at the border? NY, CA, IL, WA, OR, CO, and other sanctuary havens are wide open for business, or so they’ve been advertising for years and years, and now we’ve got the people waiting to fill all those beds and homes and jobs they keep offering illegals.

So to alleviate the crowding and inhumane conditions on the border, the President has offered to send them to San Francisco, LA, NYC, Denver, and other sanctuary cities. Sounds like a great plan and a nice humanitarian gesture, right? The Democrats should be 100% onboard with it, eh?

WRONG! They hate it. They don’t want any them all of a sudden. But, we thought you loved them and that they are the “best and brightest that the world has to offer” (Dems words, not ours). You’re saying now that there are health and security issues with bringing thousands of illegals into YOUR Democratic cities or YOUR Democratic towns, while none existed before?

You’re saying that they may be carrying diseases that we’ve eradicated in the US long ago? You’re saying that there might be criminals among these “best and brightest” humans on the planet Earth? You’re saying that maybe there are some MS-13 members among the thousands and thousands of tattooed young men?

You’re saying that the illegals don’t bring billions of $$$$ with them? They will be a drain on all of our finite resources that the US taxpayer will pay for them to receive, in perpetuity?

You’re saying you can’t possibly house, feed, provide transportation for, provide health care for, provide education for, and provide jobs for the millions of people that you Democrats are inviting here?

How can that be? You’ve had decades of inviting, so you’ve had decades to prepare for the onslaught, right? What were you doing? Providing free stuff to everybody all along or what?

You’ve been lying to your ill-informed constituents for years, so long so that they believe your lies, and now are calling you on it, and you can’t deliver.

That’s no surprise as you are Democrasts, i.e. Socialists, i.e. Communists.

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