The Shortlist


Obama, Biden, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, DNC, DOJ, FBI, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Page, Strzok, Yates, Ohr (both of them). These are the ones that we know were in on the attempted coup against a sitting US President, and there are sure to be others who have so far remained anonymous, but not for long.

After wasting $34 Million and two years lying about President Trump, the MSM and the Socialists are refusing to accept reality, once again. They’ve seamlessly switched from collusion to obstruction, without missing a beat.

So now, it’s two more years of investigations, daily bombardments of “bombshell” news reports of Trump’s eminent demise, and another $34 Million? Probably yes, as the Socialists are unable to accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost a totally unfair fight that the Obama administration.

The DOJ, the FBI and the DNC had conspired to make sure Trump never was elected, and if he was, they had an “insurance policy”, a “Plan B”, i.e. the fake “Russian Dossier” which was bought and paid for by Hillary, the DNC and the FBI, and summarily disseminated to the media and other anti-Trump sources by John McCain, Harry Reid, the DNC, Obama’s people and those in the FBI.

This is not conjecture or theory. This is what the paper trail proves, beyond a reasonable doubt. But getting the FBI and DOJ fired up to crucify their own is another matter. They’d rather the entire mess, and Trump, would just go away.

But it is not going to. There are many of us that will continue to speak to the truth and the facts, no matter what. No matter how many times Twitter or FB punishes us, the truth is supreme.

When will the DOJ do something real?

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