“Not Even A Whisper Of A Scandal” – Joe Biden


Yeah, right, sure, whatever Uncle Joe. Maybe a “smidgen” then? Your fellow Socialists will probably believe you as they use Twitter and Facebook as their sole sources of information. Well, they might occasionally be one of the 300 people tuned in to CNN or MSNBC at any given time, but that’s rare.

The rest of us know you’re not telling the truth. The evidence is in. Federales Mueller and Horowitz have the proof in their reports. Read ’em and weep.

Then you tell us that you actually told former President Obama that you didn’t want his endorsement because that would be putting his finger on the scale. Now that is some funny *%$*%@ there Joe, sure you did.

We’re positive that you haven’t heard what is common knowledge, that Obama is going to give his endorsement to Robert “Pepe” Francsis O’Rourke of the Great State of Texas, right?

Then you say not even a whisper of a scandal, in eight years, yet the evidence, which is overwhelming, is right there for all to see, except the media hasn’t been reporting facts, they’ve been covering Democrat’s asses for the past 10+ years.

Let us just revisit a couple of real, actual, with evidence, scandals of the Obama administration:

  • Uranium One – Clinton/Obama sold 20% of US Uranium reserves to Russia
  • Billions in cash to Iran for Hostages and to solidify their “participation” in Obama’s nuclear agreement
  • ObamaCare – Based and sold using lies, everything about it was a lie
  • GSA scandal
  • Clinton’s illegal server / missing emails / mishandling of classified material
  • Spygate – Obama admin illegally spying on Trump, his campaign, his staffers, his family, his employees, his businesses
  • Solyndra scandal – Billions to Obama’s friends and donors
  • Russiagate – “Tell Vlad I can be more flexible after the elections”
  • Operation Fast & Furious – Sold guns to Mexican drug cartels
  • The IRS scandal targeting conservative groups
  • The Stimulus Heist – $1 Trillion disappeared into thin air but it may have created 28 full-time jobs, for 2 years. The files are “missing”.
  • Secret Service scandal – Agents gone wild with hookers, drunk driving, etc.
  • The AP phone records scandal – Spying on Journalists / Newsrooms
  • The Pigford scandal
  • Colorado River pollution scandal
  • NSA Spying scandal – They spy on everybody and everything
  • Bowe Bergdahl scandal – Traded 1 US Deserter/Traitor/Al Qaeda supporter for 5 top-level Al Qaeda field commanders
  • The VA scandal – Vets died waiting for medical care and Obama administration covered it up, destroyed documents, etc.
  • AG Eric Holder Contempt of Congress Citation
  • Benghazi was a result of/coverup for Obama/Clinton providing latest generation Stinger SAM’s to Al Qaeda
  • Hatch Act Violations
  • Cash for Clunkers

Not even a whisper Joe?

Fox News reported: Nearly six-dozen watchdog agencies are asking Congress to step in after the Obama administration clamped down on access to government records they say are vital for their investigations into waste, fraud and abuse.

The Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency sent an Aug. 3 letter to congressional leaders ahead of a hearing scheduled for Wednesday where they will ask lawmakers to pass legislation reversing a controversial decision made July 20 by the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel. The OLC is now requiring investigators to get permission to review sensitive documents from the very agencies they are monitoring.

This decision, the letter said, “represents a serious threat to the independent authority” of all inspectors general.

IGs are assigned to audit and conduct internal reviews of federal agencies, and recently have been responsible for investigating the IRS targeting scandal, TSA security gaps, personal email use at the State Department and other issues.

The council represents about 70 IG offices across the government, including for the Federal Communications Commission, the National Security Agency and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. While the July 20 ruling applies to the DOJ, some are worried it will prompt other departments to set similar restrictions.

And the Wall Street Journal reported: The State Department had no permanent inspector general—the lead watchdog charged with uncovering misconduct and waste—during Hillary Clinton’s entire tenure as secretary, leaving in place an acting inspector who had close ties to State Department leadership.

President Barack Obama didn’t put forward a nominee to lead the inspector general’s office while Mrs. Clinton led the State Department, making it the only agency with a presidentially appointed inspector general that had neither a confirmed nor nominated head watchdog…

Add to this the millions that Biden’s son(s) made from China while he was VP, his incessant groping of women and girls, his inherent ‘good old boy’ racism that for some reason passes as being cute, and his obvious lack of knowledge of current affairs.

All of that is a Godsend for Conservatives! Thank you JOE! Again, Donald Trump won’t have to spend much money campaigning because the Democrats, i.e. Socialists, will be showing their collective asses again.

You’ll make sure of that.

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