And the Enemy Is… The Media & Social Media


The Fourth Estate. The wall protecting freedom and liberty from tyranny and oppression. An honest, free and apolitical/skeptical media. The ultimate protector of all things American. Yeah, right, sure, whatever.

That train left the station long ago. The media now is openly censoring conservative speech, even rather benign conservative speech, but allows ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, the DNC, Antifa, and other hate groups open spew violent rhetoric and threats of death and destruction to Jews, Christians, Indians, and a few other select groups of people.

Facebook and Twitter allow threats of assassination and violence towards a sitting US President, and even allows sharing and says the hateful language is “trending”. No problem with that sort of language at all. Want Trump assassinated? Announce it on FB and Twitter and you’ll be “trending” in no time! You too can be a star, and maybe even become “monetized”!

Here is a photo that was taken from FB where people are begging for someone to actually assassinate the President, which is well within Facebook’s community guidelines. Well, that is unless the President is named Obama or is a Democrat. If that were the case, then you’d be swiftly banned for life, the Secret Service would be knocking at your door about now, and you’d be spending some time in prison.

These posts were found to be in adherence to Facebook’s “Community Guidelines” and is acceptable speech.
These are also within FB’s speech guidelines. Yet I am not allowed to denounce these comments without being punished?

But if you have the temerity to actually question the violent assassination threats, you are a danger to the community as a whole. You must be banned and reeducated. You must abide by the “community” standards which are whatever Zuckerberg and his ilk are forcing YOU to abide by today and tomorrow.

A FB Post by Marjorie Taylor Greene that resulted in her being banned by Facebook.

Do any of you remember a day when talking about assassinating the President resulted in getting arrested?
As in arrested in real life, not FB jail. 
When was that?
Pre-2016 I think, right??? 
But if you are a conservative that’s a different story!
Tell me your social media jail stories!
And 3,2,1 GO!!

(This post was found to be in VIOLATION of FB’s “Community Guidelines” for what reason? Because it didn’t threat Trump’s life?)

And for this a 72-hour ban from posting, and that is if they allow her to return at all. It is full on frontal assault on conservatives and their ideas by the Socialist Democrats.

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