AOC Discovers That Plants & FOOD Actually Grow In Dirt “Like Magic”… And She Doesn’t Know What A Garbage Disposal Is…


There just isn’t much to say about this. She may have a couple of degrees, or so she claims. But she is without a doubt the most stupid person ever have graced the halls of Congress to this point, unless there was a brainless cadaver wandering the halls in the past.

Here are the Cortez “Jewels of the Week”.

Cortez posted this 1st video recently on social media which shows the moment the Democratic socialist from New York realizes that plants and some foods actually grow in dirt.

We’ve “transcribed” her comments to the word accurately. Cortez is truly amazed that plants grow in dirt, which we always assumed most 4-year-olds were aware of that.

“I just checked on my community garden slot and I was so nervous because I was in New York for two weeks in recess. Look!” Cortez says as the camera pans to leafy plants. “Oh. My. God! Look at this!” she gasps.

“It’s like — look at the collard greens! Look at the dahlias! Oh my God! I have to trim all of these back for smoothies. I. Am. Shook! Look, like, honestly, gardening — food, that comes out of dirt. Like, it’s magic.”

The below videos are real. We’re not making fun of her, as it’s not nice to make fun of the mentally deficient, but… OK, YES WE’RE MAKING HUGE FUN OF HER… How she can actually walk and breathe at the same time is a mystery.

“Food, that comes out of dirt. Like, it’s magic”

Then a few days later she posted this amazing story. She recounts that she just moved into her new apartment and freaked out over this “terrifying thing” in her kitchen. As she grew up in the affluent Westchester area in a middle-upper-class home, and having worked in the bar/restaurant industry for several years, one could assume that she would be familiar with a device called the garbage disposal. Not ever she said.

She had never encountered one, ever, and it terrified her. Oh the noise! She went to school for 16 years total, visited friends homes, worked in restaurants, visited family, and never heard of a garbage disposal? We are expected to believe this silly statement and take it at face value?

“There is a monster living in my sink”

She is obviously pandering to the least intelligent among us. The low information voters that sit at home watching “The View” and CNN waiting for their next handout from the working citizens of America hang on her every Socialist word.

We’ve also got an entire generation of opioid addicts to contend with, and with people like Cortez wanting them to get free needles, free shooting galleries, free drugs, free housing, free medical care, etc., this is going to get expensive very quickly.

And to the people of New York City, this woman passes as an intelligent human being, enough so to be elected to the US Congress.