The Truth Hurts – Especially When the Coup d’état Fails


Rep. Jim Jordan laid into the Senate Judiciary Committee this week for their lack of intellectual honesty, among other things. The Left has come totally unhinged, bouncing from collusion to treason to collusion to obstruction and now to “cover-up” territory.

$34,000,000 spent. 2½ years wasted. 2,800 subpoenas issued. 500+ witnesses interviewed. 1,500,000 pages of documents provided. 19 full-time Socialist lawyers working with 40+ full-time FBI agents to discover and/or manufacture evidence of Trump colluding with Russia.

And their hand-picked lackey, Robert Mueller had to admit at the end that there was no collusion, no obstruction, period. End of story.

But the Left won’t let it go at that. They didn’t get their 20 pounds of flesh. They openly admit that they KNOW Trump is guilty, and if they just keep investigating for a few more years they will turn up something. Maybe he didn’t pay a parking fine, or a toll booth fee, or maybe he, God forbid, actually said something that offended someone?

And that is the problem. The snowflakes, forever the victims, aka Socialists, have determined that Trump offends their sensibilities in all ways, shapes, and forms, and he must be gotten rid of, by any means necessary, and they mean by ANY means. Trump has been brutally open and honest, two things that are sure to offend politicians Left and Right.

But the Socialists and their bought and paid for media keep telling us that just because that it has been determined that there is zero evidence that Trump committed a crime, any crime, that this doesn’t mean that he didn’t kill 15 little kids 50 years ago does it?

He could have. There is nothing that prevented him from killing 15 children years ago.

He may have. There is no evidence that he did NOT kill 15 children years ago.

He also could have paid to cover it up. There is no evidence that he did NOT pay for a cover-up of the murder of 15 children.

The FBI, the media and the Socialists just have to keep looking, and looking, and looking. But don’t worry, they’ll find something, and if they don’t they’ll just manufacture Russian Dossier v.2.

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