The Queen of NOTHING!


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), hereafter referred to as simply “Cortez” is proving herself to be an obnoxious, ignorant, racist, lying, cheating, scheming miscreant. And these are her good points.

She’s the self and media anointed new Queen of America, displacing Nancy Pelosi without even a vote or a whimper from the Democratic leadership, up to now.

When Cortez says jump, the Left jumps, and then asks how high.

But now she’s causing trouble after calling Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi a “racist” also. It’s well known that whenever you disagree with her or her cabal, or you fail to support her views, then you are automatically tagged a “racist”.

She’s taken American culture, values, laws, politicians and citizens to task for everything we’ve done for the past 240 years and only she knows what is required to right the wrongs that America has done to world at large.

She’s got her little ‘cabal’ of what she calls women of color, because with Cortez, everything is racial. She has Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley that back her on whatever vitriolic lie or venom spews from her piehole on a daily basis.

Why doesn’t she call them ‘Americans’ instead of ‘women of color’? Why does everything have to be built around a person’s skin color? Does that make you better or more intelligent than anyone else?

The self-proclaimed ‘Women of Color Caucus’ cabal doesn’t negotiate, they lie. They don’t hold conversations. They lie. They don’t sit down with the conservatives and attempt to work out solutions for the American people and for America. They lie.

They simply use the race card, for everything.

If you don’t agree with them about climate change? YOU’RE A RACIST!

If they like warm weather and you prefer cool weather? RACIST!

If they order chocolate ice cream and you order vanilla? RACIST!

If you don’t agree with a 70% marginal tax rate? You got it…RACIST!

They’ve got a slew of Socialist plans for America. Only they know what is best for all 330 million of us, even though collectively they’ve only got 2 years of political experience.

These are all serious plans by these US Representatives:

  • The cabal says Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is a RACIST!
  • Free pre-K and pre-school for everyone
  • Free college for everyone
  • Student debt forgiveness
  • Reparations for Blacks (up to $50,000/year per person)
  • Reparations for Gays
  • Guaranteed income to those who refuse to work
  • 70% marginal tax rate w/ 90% or more on high earners
  • Ban all use of fossil fuels within 10 years
  • Turn 100% to renewable sources of energy which of course have not been discovered/invented as of this time
  • Ban cars, motorcycles, buses, trains, trucks, air travel within 10 years
  • Install high-speed rail to all cities/towns in America
  • Eradicate/ban cows or find them a new food source to reduce “farts”
  • Open borders, anyone can move to America without papers or money
  • Free medical care to all illegal aliens
  • Citizens must join (and pay for) “Medicare for All”
  • Free housing, food stamps, transportation vouchers, education, and other costs of living to illegal aliens
  • Citizens must pay rent/mortgage, buy their own food, provide their own transport and provide their other costs of living.

But we must also balance their “wish list” of Socialist change with their actual intelligence quotient.

  • Cortez professes to never have seen or used a garbage disposal before, ever, until she moved into her new apartment after being elected to Congress.
  • “I. Am. Shook! Look, like, honestly, gardening — food, that comes out of dirt. Like, it’s magic.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (we’ve got the video!) Cortez evidently did not realize that much of our food, and all plants actually “grow” in dirt, in the ground, in soil. She thought that they magically appeared on the grocery shelves from some magical food factory.
  • She believes the “3 chambers” of government are the presidency, the senate, and the house. Her words, not ours. (In reality, the three “branches” of government are the Executive, Legislative and Judicial).
  • She’s already announced she’ll run for President in 2024.
  • She said she’d be “inaugurated” as a Congresswoman. (Presidents are inaugurated, others are sworn-in).
  • She said she’d be proud as a Congresswoman when she would be able to sign a bill into law. (Only Presidents sign bills into law).
  • She compared her election victory as being as a momentous of an occasion as the Americans landing on the moon.
  • She continually demeans the President, Senators, other Congressmen, the American citizenry and humanity in general with her ignorance and racist rants.
  • She claims she is Puerto Rican… Oh and she’s a Jewish princess also… Oh yes and she’s evidently black as well… and damn… she’s a Latina
  • Whatever Cortez…

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