The “Real” Racist Clown Show


To the uninitiated, it may seem that those who scream the loudest with the most vitriolic rhetoric is the winner. Or is it the one that comes up with the most stupid idea of the month? It doesn’t really matter to the Socialists, as long as it involves hating conservatives, hating America and hating Trump.

The Socialist Party of America, formerly the Democrat Party, is nothing more than a rotating circus of fools and clowns, though they are very dangerous clowns. These are the clowns you should fear for they will have power over you and every facet of your life if they get their way.

The “Clown du Jour” is the pathetically sad clown, the Rep. Al Green (D-TX). He has been on the “impeach Trump” bandwagon since before Trump was even inaugurated as President. (Future Reference for Cortez: ONLY Presidents are “inaugurated”. Congressmen and Senators are “sworn in”.)

But Green believes that the votes of 64 million people should be invalidated because he doesn’t like the President. Cast them out. Al Green wants you to know that he is a better person than you are. He is morally superior to you in every way. Just ask him.

He pushed and pushed and forced a massive failure of a vote to impeach President Trump recently, losing 331-95. And this was in Congress, which is controlled by the Socialist Party, formerly the Democrat Party.

He decided in 2017 that if you voted for, support or otherwise don’t hate Trump with a sick passion, that you are a racist. No doubt about it. Written in stone. Agree with Trump on anything and you are a Certified B-I-G-O-T R-A-C-I-S-T.

But then, who is this the Clown du Jour, Rep. Al Green, with the slicked-back doo? He professes to be a rank-and-file, ordinary, everyday, blue-collar, working man Socialist. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Having served as a Justice of the Peace in Texas after law school, he unsuccessfully ran for Mayor in Houston in 1981, coming in as the #5 Democrat. He then served as the head of the NAACP in Houston. He was elected to Congress in 2005.

In 2007, a female employee alleged that he forced her to have sex with him. She alleges that later he grew tired of her and she threatened to go public if he didn’t pay her a large sum of money. We call that extortion in the real world, though in political circles it’s called a payoff to be quiet, and is acceptable.

Green then filed a lawsuit against the woman and the affair, allegations, etc. just “went away” never to be heard from again. AHA! The lawsuit that Green filed against the woman IS public record though.

When Green filed the suit to prove the woman he was forcing to have sex with him was extorting money from him, Green gave the court a voicemail from the woman, as evidence. But this then revealed something about the Congressman that he never put on his resume for Congress.

In the voicemail Green gave to the court, the employee asks Green if the cocaine was “straight of the ki”, i.e. kilo, or if it had been “cut” with anything.

And never has a single so-called “reporter” asked Green if he did or did not cut the coke before he sold it to her? The American people have a right to know if he is an honorable drug dealer or if he cuts his product to maximize his profit.

Rep. Al Green, (D-TX) provided the tape himself and verified its contents, so there can be no backtracking as to the contents.

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