Fake Presidential Seal… Political Dirty Trick by Turning Point USA?

The "Fake" seal is on the left and the "Real" seal is on the right.

President Trump gave a speech recently for Turning Point USA’s Student’s Summit. But not all was good in Turning Point land. One of their workers/aides photoshopped the Presidential Seal, and was fired for it after Trump gave a speech in front of the fake seal.

The doctored image featured a two-headed eagle, a direct nod to the Russia Federation’s coat of arms. The bird’s left claw held golf clubs instead of the original’s 13 arrows, which symbolize the 13 colonies. The right claw grasped cash, instead of the original’s olive branch. The phrase “E Pluribus Unum” was replaced with “45 Es Un Titere” which translates to “45 Is A Puppet”.

Now this could be a practical joke, or a Socialist dirty trick, but the fact remains that nobody in their right or wrong mind would have dared do this if the President was named Obama or Clinton or Carter. They would be facing federal charges and wouldn’t see the light of day for a long time.

But this is a different time. Now the Left openly calls for the assassination of our President. They make plays about killing him. They make movies about killing him. They make jokes about killing him. They make rap songs about killing him. Twitter and Facebook are full of “kill Trump” rhetoric, which is 100% allowable and is consistent with their “Community Guidelines”.

But try and put up an anti-abortion comment or pro-Trump meme and see how many seconds or minutes it will take for you to be banned for life by them. Trust us, it doesn’t take them long. They have programs dedicated to rooting out and destroying anything pro-America or pro-life.

But the Socialist miscreants in America believe that they are the only ones that have rights. Those of us who don’t agree with Socialism are worthy of a quick and painful death, that’s all.

We do not think this rises to the level of jail time, but how far is the Left going to allow their miscreant followers to take the path of violence, destruction, dirty tricks, lies, etc?

There will come a point where those of us who actually do love America will rise up and give the Left the “war” they are clamoring for, and they will lose the war, BIGLY!

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