Pres. Trump Caused Baltimore’s Problems Says Elijah Cummings


Baltimore, Maryland, USA – Established in 1729

According to the media and Democrats, Baltimore was the #1 City in all of the USA, until Trump was elected. It is a shithole of epic proportions now only because Trump was elected President a couple of years ago. Until then Baltimore was often mistaken for Abu Dhabi, UAE due to its beautiful tall skyscrapers, sand dunes, and opulence and all the rich people visiting there from all over the world.

In only 2 short years, Trump turned Baltimore from the #1 City In America to the worst city in America. Before Trump Baltimore never had a homicide, a drug problem, a rat problem, political corruption, etc. They never had a “ghetto” or rundown neighborhood. All of their housing was opulent, ALL OF IT!

There was never any poverty or hunger or crime, until Trump was elected. Then within days, the Racist Orange Clown sent his white supremacists into Baltimore to reshape it in Trump’s image.

Baltimore hadn’t had a drug arrest or arrest for murder in a couple of hundred years according to Democrats. Then came Trump, right?

Before Trump, the Left would have you believe that Baltimore was 100% crime-free, and all Baltimore’s citizens were working extremely high paying jobs while living in million-dollar mansions, and driving Rolls Royce’s, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and huge SUV’s.

Now, how about some verifiable FACTS about Baltimore?

  • Nine out of 15 Baltimore council members and the council president (a city-wide elected position) are black — oh, and they are all, all of them, every single one — a Democrat.
  • Baltimore’s Mayor — a black man and, naturally, a Democrat.
  • Elijah Cummings has represented Baltimore for 36 years — 13 years as a state representative and 23 years in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Since 1987, Baltimore has only had one mayor who was not black.
  • Since the office of City Council President was established in 1923, almost 100 years ago, that office has never once been held by a Republican.
  • Baltimore has not had a Republican mayor in 52 — 52! — years.
  • There has not been even one Republican elected to the Baltimore City Council since 1942 — 77 years!
  • In other words, for 77 years, the Baltimore City Council has been made up exclusively by Democrats.
  • In the state of Maryland, Democrats have had total control of both the Maryland House and Senate since 1918 — 101 years!
  • So what we have here is a city-run exclusively by Democrats for more than a half-century that is…
  • The 6th poorest city in the country
  • The most dangerous city in America.
  • Has the highest murder rate in America.
  • Is the ninth most rat-infested city in America.
  • Billions of dollars in Federal Grants (i.e. taxpayer money) has disappeared under Cummings rule.

And still, the media and Democrats are blaming Trump for Baltimore’s problems. BTW: Trump allocated OVER $15 BILLION of US taxpayer funds to Baltimore during the past 2 years! And most of it was stolen by Baltimore politicians.

And now $5.44 Billion is “missing”, totally unaccounted for, but definitely gone. The local Baltimore elected officials, including Elijah Cummings and his thief of a wife, has stolen billions upon billions from the poor suffering people of Baltimore for decade after decade, and still the extremely poor of Baltimore are poor, but amazingly, all the politicians are filthy rich, yet they only receive small salaries.

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