Are All White People “White Supremacists”?


Yes, they are, according to CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, HuffPo, The Daily Kos, NYT, and the rest of the bought and paid for media wing of the DNC. The media is pushing a dangerous narrative. Granted it’s a lie. It’s a hoax on the American public. Yet they’re all in 24/7/365 on hate whitey.

What is strange is that there is almost no pushback from white people in general while they are being demeaned, marginalized, demonized, and made out to all be knuckle-dragging, racist, Nazi, white supremacists that spend their leisure time hunting down Mexicans and Blacks to shoot down in the streets by the thousands.

CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT, and the rest of the lying fake news so-called “media” are in an all-out campaign to demonize white Americans, just like the Nazis demonized the Jews in the late ’30s. Their goal is the same, eradicate the “unwanted race du ‘jour”.

So to be clear, CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT, and the rest of the lying fake news media have determined, and are pushing the narrative that white people are inherently evil and despicable human beings.

If you had moved here from Mars this past weekend and then listened to these outlets over the past few days, you’d believe that white people:

  • Are racist white supremacists.
  • Are followers of Hitler and idolize the Nazis.
  • Hate Latinos and want them all dead.
  • Are blind followers of President Trump who is the head racist, and in fact he personally initiated the two shootings this past weekend.
  • Are too stupid to think for themselves.
  • Hate Blacks and want them all dead.
  • Should be “monitored” and checked up on regularly.
  • Are homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, transphobic.
  • Are under the spell of the Jews.
  • Are anti-abortion, and this is one of the most hateful and evil things a human being can be.
  • Should have their children taken away for their own good.
  • Are dangerous and need to be “taken care of”, “eradicated”, “removed”, “culled” from society.
  • Don’t support reparations for Blacks which proves they’re racist.
  • Don’t support reparations for gays which proves they’re racist.
  • Are not to be befriended nor trusted at any time for any reason.
  • Are to be shunned, shamed, doxxed, outed, get in their faces and let them know they are not welcome anymore, anywhere, anytime. Not in a restaurant, not to buy gas, not at a movie, not at a bar. Nowhere!
  • Spend their evening and weekends hunting down brown and black people and killing them by the thousands in the streets.

We don’t know what being anti-abortion, being under “Jewish spells” and not supporting reparations for gays has to do with white supremism, but to the mainstream media, it most certainly means everything.

We don’t even know what some of the vitriol and hate they were spewing really meant. They were just word clouds coming out of their collective mouths.

As you can see, MSNoBlackCommentators Network outright accused Pres. Trump as being the cause of the shootings. Never mind that one shooter was a far-left Antifa member and the other was a far-left Elizabeth Warren sycophant. Don’t let the FACTS get in your way MSNBC.

Are whites ever going to come together as a race, just like Blacks and Latinos do and profess pride in their accomplishments? Like gays and trannies do. Even Planned Parenthood is celebrated as a good group. Every other group of people in America does, except for white people.

Whites are not allowed to be proud, because for them to profess to be proud of their race would be a hateful act of overt racism in itself. For them to be proud of their accomplishments is now racist, simply because they are white.

Whiteness is to be shamed as being evil, wicked, mean, and nasty. Nothing ever good came of being white you’re being told. No white person in the past ever did anything to help anyone except for other white people.

All the other groups actually have parties, conventions, rallies, parades and festivals celebrating their particular groups. Many of them are funded and/or subsidized by taxpayer’s monies.

Can you imagine any event with the word “white” involved in the name being celebrated by other cultures or races? Yet whites flock to Black events, Latino events, Asian events, Native American events, Greek festivals, etc. They love white’s money, just not whites themselves.

Can you imagine any event with the word “white” involved being allowed to put on a concert? Festival? Rally? Protest? Demonstration?

Yeah. Right. Sure. Whatever.

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