Racist Much Joe?


So what exactly did Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden really mean when he said “Poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids” in Iowa on Thursday? And unlike the media, we don’t even attempt to persuade you as to what he really meant, as his words say it all.

But why would anyone put it in these terms, unless they were a racist?

Now call me stupid, ignorant, uninformed, a deplorable, irredeemable or any other name you wish. But in the real world, that is a racist comment. Yet he receives another “pass” from the Socialist media department of the DNC (i.e. CNN / MSNBC / ABC / CBS / NBC / WaPo / HuffPo / NYT / Daily Kos / NPR, etc. etc.). Not a single word in condemnation. Hey, it’s Uncle Joe!

Having been born white without privilege, and raised poor in America, just what is Biden inferring that I am? Does he admit that I am “just as bright and talented as white kids”? But really, what am I Joe? Say it! Say the words!

Am I green? Black? Blue? Orange? Brown? Purple? I’m now very confused.

And while we’re on the Biden train again, why are Americans allowing Biden to continue to fondle their children? Unless you’ve been in a cave for the past few years you’ve seen all the disturbing photos of Biden feeling up, groping, caressing, kissing, and otherwise molesting little girls and grown women.

And Thursday in Iowa Disgusting Pedo Biden is on full display, again. OK he’s holding up the little girl with his right arm, no problem. But LOOK AT HIS LEFT HAND!!! Really Joe? Your fingers NEED to be there???

Joe is back at his old tricks again, i.e. fondling little girls out in public in full view for all to see. Look at the little girl in blue on the left of the photo. You just KNOW she’s going “EWWW, no way, look at the old pervert. I don’t want a picture with him!”

We have to cut Uncle Joe some slack though, as he’s at the bottom of the food chain. Plus he learned over decades from the best debauchers alive. Here is Bill Clinton in the summer of 2019 still “doing his thing”, literally.

Other than the caption and the arrow and circle, this photo is what it is. Neither Clinton or the women have been “photoshopped” or otherwise altered in any way. It speaks for itself.

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