Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Cell In Apparent Suicide – Add to The Clinton BodyCount


Epstein had “intimate” knowledge of who and what was happening on his “Lolita” Island paradise. And he alone knew details of what Bill Clinton and numerous other high-power politicians and celebrities had done while visiting him and his underage prostitutes.

And like others that had any sort of incriminating evidence on the Clintons, and were going to talk, they end up not breathing. Assorted odd suicides. Killed during muggings. Slipped on a bar of soap. A building falls down on them. Hunting accident. One car collision. Hit and run.

Or you could even commit suicide in a high-security prison, while on suicide watch, with someone monitoring you 24/7/365! Sounds like a bad mystery novel doesn’t it?

The result is always the same. Death. The circumstances are always the same. You’ve got information that is detrimental to the Clintons and are about to “sing”, so to speak. But you never make it to that all-important meeting where you are going to give details. Names, dates, places, what happened, etc…

It’s happened time and again over the past 40+ years with the Clintons. There is a literal trail of bodies behind them, 186 at last count, now 187.

CLICK HERE for Larger Image of the Clinton Body Count Chart

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