America, Are You THAT Stupid? They Think You Are!


At the moment of death, many things happen. You stop breathing. Some people say you lose 21 grams as that is the weight of your soul (never proven) leaving your body. Yet that is something that is imperceptible to the naked eye even if it does occur. But physical changes?

The mainstream media and your government are now telling us something totally different about what happens at the moment of death. According to the photos of a supposed deceased Jeffrey Epstein, death caused the shape of his nose and ears to dramatically change from when he was alive mere moments before.

A blind man in the dark in a heavy fog could tell that the photos above show two different men. So why is the government and their compliant media insisting these are both Jeffrey Epstein, before and after? It clearly is not the same person.

So don’t worry America. A man committed “suicide” in one of the most secure prisons in America, yet we’re to accept THEIR version of events? Various stories say he was attacked a couple of weeks before, others say he tried to commit suicide.

And this is how the media and the Democrats have been instructed to address the Epstein “suicide”:

Never worry about the Left getting their message out. This probably was submitted to the DNC and the Clintons for pre-approval weeks ago.

Some say he was on suicide watch after the beating/attempted suicide. Some say he wasn’t. Some say the “watch” was discontinued several days before he dies. Some say he was on “watch” on the night he died. Some say the guards, for some reason, didn’t do the required “eyes on” checks that they always did, night after night, year after year.

Some say a mysterious government vehicle arrived at the prison shortly before he died at least one person was allowed to enter, without paperwork, signing in, etc.

No prison personnel were in the area where Epstein’s cell was located at the time of his death, although they were supposed to be seconds away, and he may have been on suicide watch.

There were no monitoring cameras operating at the time of his death. They had all mysteriously been turned off prior to the government vehicle pulling into the prison.

Now if this is not a sanctioned hit or an addition to the Clinton Bodycount Chart, please, someone explain to us the inconsistencies with this entire fiasco.

Also, did anyone notice that for the first time in quite a while, the Clintons came out of their hole, and they looked as happy as they ever have. You haven’t seen this big of smiles on Billy Bob and Cankles since they visited Lolita Island together and both had underage fun!

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