Do We Want A Delusional, Lying, Morbidly Obese Pig As VP?


That is the question. America probably doesn’t want her but she’s officially thrown her obese carcass into the election fray. She sais she be proud to be the VP for any of the candidates running on the Socialist ticket.

After having had to look at Hillary “Cankles” Clinton and the beast, Michelle “Man Hands” Obama for so many years, the Democrats have lowered the bar so far, literally, that anything qualifies as a Presidential candidate to them. Might as well run dried out dog droppings or a dead squirrel.

I thought we’d seen ugly with the past two Democrat administrations, but this would raise the ugly bar much higher. She proves definitively that putting lipstick on a pig is a futile effort in aesthetics.

This also raises some concerns though. She has repeatedly claimed that she is the “duly elected Governor of the State of Georgia”, even though she lost by 55,000 votes is a little concerning.

And the fact that she refuses to concede defeat in the gubernatorial election, along with her ongoing declarations that SHE IS the Governor, we have a question… Can a sitting Governor of a state also legally run for Vice President of the US?

Abrams thinks that the Georgia election was stolen from her by ‘white mens’, specifically her opponent in the election, who she said engaged in massive voter suppression to keep blacks from voting. Over 55,000 blacks were physically kept from the polls, which cost her the election, according to Abrams.

It’s very odd that not one single black person actually has come forward and made that claim, only Abrams. You’d think if 55,000 blacks had been kidnapped, blockaded, threatened, etc. to not vote that at least one of them would want to tell their tale, right? At least 1 out of 55,000??? Just ONE???

Well, you’d be wrong. Whatever those ‘white mens’ did to keep those 55,000 blacks from voting for Abrams has them so scared they won’t even tell us what happened over 2 years later! It frightened them into total silence!

This is only if you believe the pathological lying Stacey Abrams.

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