What Defines A “Concentration Camp”?


Historically, it’s abundantly clear that Adolf Hitler, leader of Nazi Germany and the Third Reich, has set the “standard” for the concentration camp industry by their prolific use of them during WWII where they imprisoned, tortured and murdered millions upon millions of human beings.

Granted, Stalin, Mao, and Castro also used them quite extensively, but they never reached the levels of Hitler.

Adolf Hitler sent over 6,000,000 (Six Million) Jews to their deaths using his system of concentration camps. He also sent millions more to their deaths. Anyone deemed as deplorable/irredeemable, in Hitler’s case, Jews, blacks, gypsies, mentally and physically disabled children/men/women, some Arabs, and numerous other racial, cultural, and/or religious groups were sent to his concentration camps.

In present-day America, the US Government is being accused of running Nazi-style concentration camps, replete with torture and murder of Latinos coming across our border illegally. This according to “The Squad” of Cortez, Oman, Pressley, and Tlaib at first, and now being echoed by the mainstream Socialist media and many Democrats.

Even some of the Socialist Presidential candidates are calling these detention centers “concentration camps”. So we think it’s time to chart out exactly what would make one “camp” a concentration camp and another a detention camp.

The differences are quite easy to pick out, but you must have an open mind, be intellectually honest, and not be an ideologue to understand all of the differences.

There really are no parallels between the two radically different types of camps. One is used to hold foreign nationals that VOLUNTARILY turn themselves into the detention centers to be held by the USA.

The other was used when Nazi Germany took people by force, then tortured and/or imprisoned them, and worked them to death with little food, no medical care, and no pay.

So “The Squad”, where do you mental midgets get this “concentration camp” B.S.?

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