Diverse, Tolerant and Respectful?


These are the terms used most often by Democrats / Socialists / Communists / Liberals / Progressives when they self-describe their party, currently known as the Democrat Party. Of course, anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows that they are merely words, not reality.

Now, if we lived in an earlier time, where words actually had meaning and context, then they might mean something. But as best we can divine, they pretty much mean 180° the opposite of what they tell us they stand for.

DIVERSE: Yes, the Democrat Party claims to be diverse and to be made up of people from all walks of life, cultures, races, ethnicities, religions, incomes, countries, etc. Everyone is welcome, and they mean one and all.

Well, that is unless you :

  • love America, its flag, or its culture
  • want to think for yourself and make informed decisions on your own
  • don’t believe the 24/7/365 anti-Trump, anti-white hysteria in the media
  • are white conservative male
  • are a white conservative female
  • are a white LBGTQ person
  • are white and not a Progressive Socialist or Democratic Socialist
  • don’t believe Trump is a neo-Nazi, White Supremacist racist hater
  • are a Christian
  • don’t want to kill babies for profit
  • believe the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution applies to all of us
  • believe in the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution to own firearms
  • don’t believe we’re going to die in 12 years just because AOC says so
  • don’t want to give millions of illegal aliens free healthcare, education, food, and housing
  • question the validity of the identification of 51 genders (and growing)
  • question why we pay tax money to drag queens to read to our kids
  • don’t want to ban farting cows, cars, and airplanes within 10 years
  • believe working hard and becoming financially secure is a good thing
  • don’t want to give 70% of your income in taxes
  • question why we are the only country in the world with open borders
  • dislike MS-13 gang members living and killing in your community
  • don’t want to give free needles to drug addicts
  • don’t want to have street people pooping everywhere
  • believe in freedom, liberty and personal responsibility of the individual
  • believe you have the right to protect yourself and your family from those who wish to do you harm
  • believe that you know what is best for you and your family
  • believe the government should be minimally invasive in our lives
  • wonder why a former barmaid is running the Democrat Party
  • hate a strong economy with a 3.7% unemployment rate
  • dislike seeing new small businesses opening everywhere
  • don’t like earning more money and keeping more of it
  • only want American citizens to be able to vote in our elections
  • don’t believe Antifa is a benevolent and peaceful group
  • believe America is the greatest country the world has ever known and has done far more good than bad over the course of time. We’ve sacrificed our treasure to liberate others in the name of humanity.

So if your mindset is as described in the above list, they basically wish you’d either A) Die quickly; B) Just give up join the Dark Side; C) Continue on your path to death and destruction.

Remember, Antifa is on the march with the full backing of the DNC. They know where we are, and the police have evidently been instructed to not interfere with them when they are “re-educating” people in public.

Tolerant: Now that’s a mouthful coming from the party of hate and intolerance. The Socialists will tolerate anything that they say they will, in that minute, hour, day, week, month, year. Subject to change whenever their Dear Leader decides to change it.

The Democratic Party claims to be the most tolerant of all political institutions, though we imagine that the religion of Islam would claim that title as their own.

The Democrat Party is tolerant of all people and their failings, except of course unless you:


Respectful: The Democrat Party claims to be the most respectful political organization in the world. They are respectful of all peoples, cultures, faiths, and genders. They respect all things, and they’ll be the first ones to remind you of that…

Well, that is, unless you:


As a Progressive Democrat, Democrat Socialist, Socialist, Communist, Liberal, or whatever moniker you prefer to refer to yourself as, know that you and your party are the fascists you pretend to be fighting against.

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