Robert Francis “Beto/Pepe” O’Rourke Thinks “This Is F*cked Up”?


We all know the super-Hispanic, Mexican, and popular Latino known as Robert Francis O’Rourke, aka “Beto”. He’s as Latino as they get, isn’t he? He speaks Spanish. He identifies as a Latino. He uses a Latino “nickname”. He eats tacos. He must be Mexican.

He’s got an Irish name, Robert Francis O’Rourke and two white Irish parents named Pat Francis and Melissa Martha O’Rourke. His grandparents were both Irish also, but he’s 1,000% Latino, just ask him!

He professes that some of his best friends are Mexicans! So then, let’s just call him “Pepe”. And in all seriousness, isn’t that much more “Mexican” than “Beto”? Does anyone really believe as his “biographies” all claim that his parents nicknamed him “Beto”? Does your childhood nickname show in your bio and specifically state that your parents gave it to you at birth?

So he’s got a firm grasp on his heritage and racial identity it seems. What he doesn’t have is a grasp of facts, reality and a fact-checker, which he sorely needs.

Pepe is spewing lie after lie after lie while trying to gain some traction and relevance from the deadly shootings in El Paso recently. He’s desperately trying to blame it on Trump and white people in general. You know the typical “gringo” white guy, but not ‘his type’ of a white guy… you know… the fake Hispanic white guy type.

LIE #1300 Mass Shootings Every Year

Pepe was again trying to demonize the President, which he has made his daily calling, and he used totally made up “facts” to press his point. Pepe said the United States “averages 300 mass shootings every year”. This is an out and out lie and he knows it. This deserves 296.85 Pinocchios, per year.

The reality is that there have been 167 total “mass shootings” since 1966. That is 3.15 mass shootings per year (average) over the past 53 years, not 300 per year.

So the FACTS are that there are actually 3 mass shootings each year on average, NOT the 300 that O’Rourke claims. But the media prefers his “300 a year” lie, and they blame them all on President Trump naturally.

LIE #2100 Murders By Guns Every Day

Pepe continues his lie-fest with the absurd claim that 100 people are shot and killed in America each day. Granted, somewhat less than 100 people die each day from guns, but Pepe intimates that they are murders. He doesn’t mention that 60% are self-inflicted (suicides).

According to the US Government, the FACTS tell a different story. Reality bites Pepe in the arse again. 60 people a day in the U.S. commit suicide by gun and 40 people a day are killed by someone else shooting them. Lying by omission is still a lie Pepe.

Pepe O’Rourke, besides being irrelevant to this election, is a charlatan and liar of the worst kind. He doesn’t even ‘cherry-pick’ statistics, he simply makes up outlandish ones, as he knows the leftist/socialist media will never call him out or fact check him on his lies and will, in fact, repeat them as facts.

For Pepe and his low-information, low-intelligence voters, a homicide is when a person kills someone else. Suicide is when you kill yourself.

Not to let any crisis/tragedy be wasted, Robert Francis “Pepe” O’Rourke is now selling anti-gun T-shirts with his new campaign slogan “This Is F*cked Up” emblazoned SIX times on the front.

Pretty cool huh? Just explain how this is acceptable to your 8-year old or your grandmother and get back to us on how that went.

How eloquent, well thought out, succinct, gracious and classy for a Presidential Candidate