Conservatives Are RACIST By Default


This according to Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortexless, aka Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). She states that Trump and his supporters do not like people “who look like her” and other people of color because they are hardcore racists, even if they don’t know it.

Thank you for letting us know Ocrazio. I guess I’ll have to now divorce my long-time wife because she’s “brown” like you. I didn’t realize I was such a white supremacist, neo-Nazi, Latina hating racist, but you deserve credit for “awakening” me.

This is the narrative that the media is taking into the 2020 elections, that Trump and his supporters are white supremacist racists of the worst kind. CNN is 24/7 on racist bandwagon and MSNBC isn’t far behind.

It is odd as President Trump wasn’t considered a racist until he was found to NOT have colluded with the Russians. And that he did NOT obstruct the investigation in any way. And that he is NOT a rapist/pedophile like Billy Bob Clinton.

Since none of the other lies didn’t stick, after 2 years of pushing them, they’ve now gone to other “R” words.

The already burned up these “R” words about Trump:

  • Rapist
  • Russian Collusion
  • Russian Obstruction
  • Recession

So now they’ve gone on to “recession“, and they are praying (well, not literally praying as Socialists don’t believe in God) but hoping and wishing the US goes into a deep recession because that will hurt the average America, whom they despise, and may lead to Trump’s defeat in 2020.

Of course, them all being on the Soros/mainstream media payroll, don’t have to worry about feeding their families, Georgy boy will take care of them. So Racism and Recession. That’s all they’ve got, as all the other lies have been proven to be exactly that, lies.

How can they speak of a recession when the unemployment rate is 3.7%? Black unemployment is at historically low levels and the economy is buzzing. The market grows by 4,000 points and the Leftist media doesn’t mention it at all, but that same market that just grew by 4,000 contracts by 500 and they say we’re going into a recession? Really?

That’s nothing more than the stock market. It goes up, it goes down. Over and over and over.

Bill Maher is openly praying for a recession. He says he’d rather see 300 million Americans suffer (those that aren’t rich like him) for a long time than have Trump as President for another 4 years. HIS words, not ours.

Isn’t that nice from the loving and tolerant left?

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