Intellectual Dishonesty At Its Finest (Democrats are involved naturally)

Felicity Huffman was sentenced for paying to "fix" her daughter's SAT score. Tanya McDowell was sentenced for selling CRACK COCAINE to undercover narcotics officers, not for giving a false home address. Bernie Sanders is LYING again.

Avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders, who honeymooned in Russia with his comrades, has decided that no amount of intellectual honesty will be tolerated in his campaign. Honesty, facts, truth, and integrity are to be ignored in place of lying, manufactured outrage, race-baiting, and TDS.

Why can’t a Democrat just tell the truth one time? NO, Trump didn’t plot the overthrow of the US with Putin. NO, Kavanaugh did not rape anyone. NO, Nick Sandmann did not harass a fake disabled Vietnam war hero. NO, Trump did not out a CIA asset in Russia. NO, Tanya McDowell was not jailed for giving a fictitious address.

But ask any liberal what happened in those 5 incidents and they’ll answer YES to all 5 of the above.

In Sander’s campaign, if you can’t lie or make up fake news to denigrate Trump and/or white people 100% of the time, or do something to fan the flames of racial tensions, then don’t bother showing up for work to do the duties of your volunteer (i.e. unpaid) position.

Sanders is making an outrageous comparison and is knowingly lying about the circumstances. It’s a crime of omission, but he knows the facts of the case. Here is his original post, which BTW, is now being touted on all the leftist media as factual:

Actress Felicity Huffman was just sentenced to 14 days in jail for her role in the college admissions scandal and blue-checks are comparing that to the sentence for Tanya McDowell who, according to them, was sentenced to jail for 5 years after she lied about her home address to send her son to a better school.

Tanya McDowell did lie about her home address to be able to send her son to a better school. There is not a real crime in that, and she was not charged with that. She was charged with being a CRACK COCAINE DEALER!

What Bernie doesn’t tell you is that she was arrested, TWICE, for selling crack cocaine to undercover policemen. TWICE SELLING CRACK COCAINE! That is what she was sentenced to jail for. The “home address” storyline is as false as “hands up, don’t shoot”.

But Bernie, don’t let the facts and truth get in the way of telling a good lie and trying to further denigrate race relations by being a lying POS.

From the Connecticut Post (the “Norwalk case” is about McDowell using a fake address to get her son into the better school):

Superior Court Judge Frank Iannotti retorted Tuesday that the Norwalk case had nothing to do with why Tanya McDowell was before him.

“This case is about the convictions for the sale of narcotics to an undercover police officer,” the judge said. “I think you understand that because that is really the essence of what has gotten you into the predicament you find yourself today.”

On the two counts of sale of narcotics, the judge then sentenced her to 12 years, suspended after she serves five years and followed by five years probation. The sentence is to run concurrently with a five-year sentence she received in the Norwalk case.

Hey Bernie, RACIST much lately?

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