In A Perfect World…


In a perfect world, political parties wouldn’t exist. They are not needed as they are merely instruments of division and hate. They exist to keep us fighting one another, and the more vitriol the better.

But this is not a perfect world, and political parties do exist, for good or bad. But why do one particular party’s candidates have such a problem with acknowledging their party’s actual history and/or their own personal lives?

Why do Democrats lie when there is proof positive that many of their whoppers come at the expense of truth, facts, and/or reality?

Is it something in the air or water in D.C.? Are they inbred? Is it something they learn at Harvard or Yale? Or are they Democrats just being Democrats?

As we’ve seen over the past 3 years, reality and the Left have nothing in common. History is being rewritten in front of our eyes. The meanings of words and gestures used for centuries are being changed by the “woke” generation.

As talk radio host Andrew Wilkow states: “If Democrats didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all”.

The Democrats have left a sordid trail of misery, lies, death, destruction (Slavery/WWI/WWII/Korea/Vietnam) as their legacy. But now they prefer to blame others for their own known misdeeds throughout history such as:

  • Slavery (A Democrat Party platform)
  • Lynchings (A favorite Democrat method to intimidate/control blacks)
  • Democrats did not elect a Black person into Congress until 1935, whereas hundreds of Blacks had served as Republicans before 1900. A Southern state did not elect a Black man into Congress until 1973.
  • Blacks sat in the back of the bus in Democratic ran states
  • Blacks had their own lunchroom counters in Democratic ran states
  • Blacks had their own drinking fountains in Democratic ran states
  • No voting rights for women (A Democrat Party platform)
  • The racist KKK (A Democratic Party organization)
  • Against school desegregation (A Democrat Party platform)
  • Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Movement of 1964

And with a sordid, and real history such as it is, they still cannot find it within themselves to be intellectually honest. And they call us ‘deplorable’?

Elizabeth Warren (Blonde hair, Blue eyes)

Warren has stated categorically for decades that she is a Native American of the Cherokee and Delaware Indian tribes. She has used this lie to get into college, to further advance her legal career(s), etc.

She touted herself as the “first woman of color” to be on the Harvard Law Review. She then had a DNA test to prove her ancestry and to prove all the naysayers wrong. The test showed that her DNA did contain Native American DNA from approx. 10 generations ago. She is proudly 1/1024th SOUTH American Indian, not North American as she has falsely claimed. Her DNA contains 1/1024th DNA from South American Indians in Peru and Columbia. Not even North American Indians? She still lies to this day to say that she has never used the Native American race card to assist her in any way, which contrasts the actual evidence, including the one below, filled out by her own hand. So how many worthy Native American or other worthy minority individuals did the obviously white and entitled millionaire keep from a well-deserved job or other position because of her lies over the decades? One was too many, and it’s been an ongoing scam for decades.

This registration card is in Elizabeth Warren’s handwriting. She filled out and signed it. It proves she DOES claim to be Native American, despite all of her denials that she never did.


This is a difficult selection. Which lie? Which version of which lie? He’s told so so many stories that are factual events intermingled with totally false people and occurrences. Then he makes up stories intermingled with a few facts to “validate” the totally false narrative. Can you say early-stage dementia? Can you say pathological liar? He did have an excellent mentor.

But we have to choose just one lie as this is an article, not a multi-volume book series. So we pick the latest greatest story, Biden’s son gets BILLIONS in Ukranian and Chinese money immediately after Biden flew his son to Ukraine and China with him on Air Force 2.

To be exact $1.5 Billion from China and several million from Ukraine. Even a fee of 10% on the $1.5B would be $150 Million. For doing what exactly? That hasn’t been determined as of yet, so it’s for either a double secret probation hush-hush government project, or it was a lubricant for access to the VPOTUS. Let that one soak in for a minute.

And we’re supposed to believe that Obama knew nothing about it and he most certainly didn’t receive his cut. Yeah, right, sure, whatever.

And Joe Biden says that even though his son did ride with him on Air Force 2, to both China and Ukraine, he never once spoke with his son about his business dealings in either country and did not know that he made millions of dollars off of deals he made while there. Not a single time in all of these intervening years, never ever ever, did they speak of his son’s business ventures. Not even on the golf outings with the Ukrainians? He had no idea?

That’s his story, and he’s sticking to it. He doesn’t have to explain himself to the citizens. His son’s statement speaks for itself. His words, not ours. His son said that he personally did not make a dime off of any business deals in Ukraine or China, period, end of story. Not a dime.

Look, just trust good old Uncle Joe, he swears it’s true, so it must be true. So say CNN and MSNBC. Anyway, you can’t investigate a Democrat politician running for President, you’re required to believe all they say. You cannot question the dealings of a Democrats family, friends, businesses, etc. Only Republicans are allowed to be investigated.

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