“Cartel Gunman” Found With 2 Kidnapped Hostages – Caso Cerrado

This is one of the cars that several babies were burned to death alive in

First of all, this would be a first in the annals of criminal history in Mexico. They claim to have actually found one of the gunmen that committed the massacre in Mexico, along with 2 hostages. In other words, they’ve got 2 of the children and someone that the cartel gave up to take the heat off.

So if true, the Mexican authorities can find mass murderers, and in just two days, right? Then why do 30,000-40,000 Mexican citizens get killed and/or go missing every year without a single arrest? Something stinks here.

A person of interest was arrested in Mexico in connection with the deaths Monday of nine US citizens, all women and children who lived in a community in Mexico approx. 70 miles south of Douglas, AZ. Of course, in keeping with Mexican governmental standards, the name of the supposed killer is protected by law. Too bad the Americans weren’t protected by law two days previous by this same government.

The suspect was arrested in Agua Prieta, Mexico, just across the border from Douglas. He was holding two hostages, bound and gagged, inside his bulletproof vehicle. He had four assault rifles and ammunition also.

Does anyone really believe that a trained cartel gunman is so stupid that he took the children hostage and was then going to drive them across the border as if nothing had happened, with weapons in the vehicle? Does that make any sense whatsoever, even in an alternate universe?

In America, this is what we call a “patsy” or “sacrificial lamb”. Of course, the person arrested probably had nothing to do with the actual massacre. He was served up and will plead guilty because he or his family was threatened and/or bribed.

Well, the Mexican government expects you to believe this is the killer. They’ve got their man! End of story! Big relief. Heat off. All is good again. Back to business as usual.

Caso cerrado.

(Note: Most of the Mexican people ARE honest, hard-working, decent human beings, this I know for a fact. I love Mexico and the people, and the food is 2nd to none. But their government/system is broken and corrupt and is in business with the world’s largest drug cartels. As the current Mexican President Obrador just said yesterday, “we don’t want a war”. So the government will accept the drug cartels running the country.

When the term “Mexican or Mexicans” is used, it is referring to the authorities/government/cartels (same same) of Mexico. NOT the people!)