Somebody Has Some ‘Splaining To Do


Three days. 72 hours. 1,728 minutes. 103,680 seconds. That’s more than enough time for authorities to get some evidence/information on a horrific crime involving the mass murder of women and children, or so any reasonable person would assume, right?

Well, if you’re in Mexico, good luck with that. It’s such a shit show down there that they actually arrested the WRONG drug cartel hitman that had bound and gagged hostages, weapons and ammunition, and a bullet-proof vehicle. You can’t make this stuff up!

The man that was arrested in the border town of Agua Prieta on Wednesday wasn’t linked to the Monday massacre, despite being found with two bound and gagged hostages, weapons and ammunition in a bullet-proof vehicle.

What are the chances that there is more than one armored vehicle with tied up hostages driving around the streets of Mexico? The evidence points to the fact that this is not uncommon. It’s an everyday occurrence all over Mexico.

40,000 Mexican citizens are killed or go “missing” every year, just like this, and the Mexican authorities don’t do anything about them either, so this isn’t a new narrative. In fact it is surprising it has lasted this many news cycles in Mexico. Normally the Mexican media is much more compliant with the cartels. Just as the US media is compliant with the Democrats.

So far the Mexican authorities have given conflicting reasons as to why the Americans were massacred. They’ve said that the 9 women and children:

  • were mistaken for rival drug cartel hitmen
  • caught in a crossfire in between rival cartels
  • simply in the wrong place at the wrong time

So far the Mexican government has given reasons as to why the women and children were not killed. They were not killed because:

  • they were Americans
  • members of an offshoot of the Latter Day Saints church
  • waters rights running through their property
  • their opposition to drug/kidnapping gangs

So far the Mexican authorities have given multiple possible suspects, and then sort of cleared them:

  1. La Linea that was suspected
  2. then they named Los Jaguares as a suspect
  3. then they mentioned Jalisco Nueva Generacion
  4. now they just don’t know

So the Mexican government knows why they weren’t killed, but not why they were killed. They also, in spite of previous reports, now report they do not know who is responsible or if it is even a cartel that is responsible.

Who is running this investigation? Robert Mueller and his Hillary Clinton FBI cronies? Pepe LePew? The Pink Panther? Ricky Ricardo?

So to be 100% factual and honest, the only thing the clown show masquerading as Mexcian authorities do know is that 9 Americans, including 3 women, babies in car seats, and children running away from the burning vehicles, were shot to death and/or burned alive on a public highway in Mexico at about 1 pm, Monday, Nov 4th, 2019.

Got that?

Caso cerrado.

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