The Biden Criminal Enterprise


You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig, i.e. Joe or Hunter Biden, pick one. One must admit that all the makeup does purdy the boys up a bit though. Too bad there is nothing they can do for their rampant corruption and past criminal activities.

Joe Biden is without a doubt one of the most, to be polite, unimaginative persons to have ever achieved the office of VP. Beside being a constant gaffe machine, there is no off switch. He just keeps on going and going and going.

But he learned to manipulate the political system to his benefit, as politicians are wont to do. Is the bear Catholic? He’s willing to sign on to any policy that will garner a vote, no matter how damaging or inane the policy.

He’ll make any idiotic claim that his handlers put up on the teleprompter, such as when he said: “I promise you if I’m elected president, you’re going to see the single most important thing¬†that changes America, we’re gonna cure cancer.”

So if that is really true then he must know that they already have a cure for it but are holding it back for what would be considered the proper political use thereof, to benefit Socialists, not the people that actually have cancer.

Or he’s just being Joe Biden and lying, or he’s just following what his handlers put on the little cards that he reads.

Nevertheless, cancer patients, dead babies? They’re mere collateral damage to the Democrats cause, just like the destruction of our system of justice. All in a day’s work for a Socialist.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree either as a perpetual Board of Directors member Hunter Biden is an especially interesting piece of work. He’s never held an actual paying job where you actually had to do something productive to get paid for it.

But the checks just magically show up. He knows nothing about world-level equity trading/holding yet he was given $1.5 BILLION to manage money for the Chinese. Again, while his daddy was the VP of the United States.

But he has been in and out of jail several times for drug-related offenses.

He’s been appointed to boards of different million or billion-dollar companies in the past, though he really doesn’t do any relevant work for them.

He must have been vetted thoroughly to verify his qualifications and past performance numbers before being tendered an offer for the position(s), or one would assume.

Yet he has no relevant business experience for any of the companies he was put on the boards of.

Even though some of the companies are foreign, i.e. Ukranian, Chinese, etc., he is a monoglot, speaking only English.

Although having no experience in gas or oil, he evidently was the best man for the nearly $90,000 per month job he held for years on the board of a Ukranian gas and oil company.

That fact that his daddy was Vice President of the United States had nothing to do with it we’re assured, repeatedly, over and over again.

Yet over and over again we have the Democratic Socialists and their Socialist media ignoring the Biden corruption in favor of manufacturing evidence and suborning perjury by various “whistleblowers” and “witnesses” to remove a duly elected President from office.

Because they don’t like him. He has hurt their widdle feewings.

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