Pain or Shame? If You’re A Socialist ~ Just Let ‘er Rip and Lie About It


Most of us would relish our 15 minutes of fame. We’d make a valid attempt to use it wisely, for the greater good. Well, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has had his 15 minutes time and again, and it’s never for the greater good. He’s always, and we mean always, bashing President Trump.

There is a time and a place for everything. Let us clarify that. Most people believe that there is a time and place for everything. Even biker gangs, terrorists, drug lords, sicarios, and Republicans have standards.

Be that as it may, the Democratic Socialists are not included. If they didn’t have low standards they’d have none at all. Proof positive proferred, or should we say puffered by Swalwell.

In the middle of an interview with MSNBC, Swalwell made an unmistakable and extraordinarily loud bodily function. Call it what you will. Flatulence. Breaking wind. Fart. That is what is was. It’s on video, yet he 100% vehemently denies that he farted. Watch for yourself and decide. Is he lying or not? Click on the video below.

He’s lying through his teeth. Look at the very second he farts and you’ll see that he lifts up a little bit. Does that sound familiar to anyone out there? It is a natural reaction, and it lasted exactly as long as the expulsing gases.

Cany anyone say liar? He’s up there with the pathological liar Schiff as far as chutzpah goes.

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