Poster Girl for Stupid and/or a Liar… Meet Marianne Williamson


“All the Democratic candidates are telling the truth. But this moment is like when you take an oath in a court of law: it’s to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Only seriously radical truth-telling is going to be deep enough to defeat big lies next year”. — Marianne Williamson (@marwilliamson) December 8, 2019

Allow us to introduce Marianne Williamson, the Democratic Presidential candidate that yesterday tweeted “the truth” that President Trump pardoned dead mass murderer Charles Manson. Of course, Trump did not, as Presidents are allowed to pardon only Federal crimes, not State crimes.

The moronic Williamson posted this a few hours after she stated that “all the Democratic candidates are telling the truth”. Like the story that Joe Biden really didn’t know that his son was “working” for a Ukrainian energy company for several years earning millions of dollars, even though he never showed up for work, not even for one single day.

It’s evident that Ms. Williamson (or is she a “cis” or “binary”?) is campaigning for Joe Biden’s position as the “Poster Boy/Girl for Most Lying and Stupid Democrat” that Biden has held for the past several years since Obama left office.

Of course, after posting it on Twitter, she was informed by some people with ½ a brain (naturally other Dems) that Manson was never convicted of a Federal crime (Presidents can only pardon FEDERAL crimes), which means that Trump didn’t pardon him.

At this point, she probably had a nervous breakdown, crying, screaming, wailing, pounding on the floor, jumping up and down, flailing about, and then called her buddy Mr. Rachel Maddow and spoke with him for about 20 minutes until she regained her composure, realizing that all of her lies end up the same way, being exposed as the lies that they are. C’est la vie.

Mr. Rachel Maddow, friend of Marianne Williamson

Later she wrote “I erroneously tweeted that President Trump had posthumously pardoned Charles Manson,” Williamson followed up in a second tweet after other Twitter users pointed out her error.

After an exhaustive search, the only mention of anything like this was in a November satire article on the Website, which was later picked up as a real story and reposted as a blog by the uber-liberal Trump-hating rag, the Daily Kos, where they failed to mention it was humor/satire.

Of course, they are not at fault. We all know that moronic liberals do not have a sense of humor as that takes a modicum of intelligence, something most liberals lack.

So either Williamson deliberately lied and rehashed this satire as factual to put her in the news and relevant (the most likely scenario), or one of her liberal minions told her it was true and she believed it because she is too stupid to do a simple check on its veracity.

Fact is, she thought she found another way to denigrate and defame the President, so she did her best to hurt the President, which is the only thing Democrats are doing these days.

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