The Real Ukrainian Conspiracy


Hunter Biden, coke-addict, stripper addict, millionaire Ukrainian and/or Chinese oligarch? Why not? He’s made his millions from the Ukrainians and the Chinese. Yes, millions, so why does he refuse to pay child support for his baby (Yes, DNA determined he is the father Joe, so quit lying about it.)

We don’t blame you for trying to protect your son, but Joe, he is a grown man and should be responsible for his actions.

You swore him into the Navy as an officer, and then he was discharged for using cocaine.

He got busted doing coke in strip clubs and miraculously got off.

He got a stripper pregnant and refuses to pay child support or to provide his financials to her, like every other deadbeat dad is required to do.

He got appointed to the boards of a Ukrainian company earning millions and was given a stipend of $1.5 BILLION from a Chinese equity investment firm. He doesn’t speak Chinese or Ukrainian and has zero experience in oil, gas, energy, or in equity investing.

One America News Network ( has done a superb investigative series on the Biden corruption, which in essence is Obama corruption because he was the boss at the time.

Below is the series of 3 videos detailing the corruption and the cover-up or smokescreen, which was the impeachment of Trump.

Part 1 – The Biden Conspiracy
Part 2 – The Biden Conspiracy
Part 3 – The Biden Conspiracy

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