To The Gulag With You!


Remember the day when you could actually disagree with your neighbor, friend, acquaintance, or a stranger and you’d both walk away feeling good. You either liked the other person or you did not. But politics, PC, whether you loved trannie or not, had nothing to do with it.

Those were your personal opinions and according to the Constitution and US laws, you are entitled to them without being harassed, beaten up, doxxed, or killed. And in the near past, everyone respected everyone else’s point of view, whether they agreed or disagreed.

But that train has already left the station. The Obama years brought us 8 long years of non-stop racism from the top echelon of government, which leaked down to the FBI, IRS, CIA, NSA and all the other 3-letter government agencies.

It also brought 8-years of blame white conservatives for everything bad that ever happened on Planet Earth since America was formed. Until then white people were OK I guess?

It also brought record unemployment, food stamp rolls, the death of the American health care system, the decimation of our military, our friends couldn’t trust us and our enemies loved us because we were paying them billions to like us. Thanks Clinton and Obama. Great job!

So now we’re post-Obama and it’s an Orwellian nightmare. Everyone is now categorized by race, gender, sexual preference, income, education, where you live, what you eat, what pets you like (you MUST love cats!), who you associate with, your political affiliation, your religion (Christianity is out. Islam is in), and much much more.

So to be categorized as a conservative, a Trump supporter, a republican or a non-socialist is being categorized as a “NAZI”, according to those in Bernie Sanders campaign. When Bernie is elected they say, they’ll have to send deplorables to “gulags” where they’ll have their head set right.

They’ll be re-educated and assimilated into the Socialist United States, as a 3rd class citizen of course. They’ll be monitored 24/7/365 and their opportunities for housing, jobs and government benefits are severely limited or non-existent.

The Nazis were Socialists (National Socialist Party), which is LEFT leaning, but conservatives and republicans which are RIGHT leaning are now Nazis.

And all this only because they can’t beat the man, so they and their media must spend time on ridiculous dreams such as this.

Good luck in November Bernie “Gulag” Sanders.

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