Omar Laughs At The Mention Of US Military Deaths


Ilhan Omar, a despicable piece of feces on a good day. On a bad day? I can’t use the words or the Secret Service will be questioning me. We all know she is an Islamic skank and hates America and its citizens. Just how much of a skank is Ilhan Omar (D-MN)? A big one. A HUGE one. GRANDE!!!

She married her own brother (aka Husband #1). Then while married to her brother she married another man (aka Husband #2) (which is bigamy, a felony) and had children (we really don’t know who the father is, Husband #1 or Husband #2, or the other men she was sleeping with over this period of time, as she refuses DNA tests for paternity).

Then she divorced her brother (Husband #1) and started dating another man named “Tim” while she was still married to Husband #2, the non-brother. And now she’s filed for divorce from Husband #2 so that she can be with her lover Tim (aka soon-to-be Husband #3), whose wife filed for divorce citing his ongoing affair with Omar as the reason.

These events give her a clear and majestic sense of moral authority over all of us, and she can now tell all of us of our failings and she’s allowed to laugh at and joke about our dead servicemen and the Socialists applaud her.

Here is the video where she is laughing and joking at the mention of 4,400 dead US servicemembers and 50,000+ wounded? And the Left stands up for her right to laugh at our dead treasure.

There is a time of reckoning coming at the ballot box for Omar. Possibly she’ll be removed by the same voters that voted her in? OK, they’ll vote for her again, just kidding. If not, maybe there is an “insurance policy” in place?

Let’s check with the FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page on that. They are bonafide experts on insurance policies on politicians.

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