Is America Ready For A Communist President?


That depends on who you ask. Democrats will give you a resounding yes! Republicans will tell you never! Ask a person 18-30 and they’ll tell you how evil capitalism and old rich white guys are, as that’s what they’ve been taught in public schools.

Bernie Sanders, avowed Communist, honeymooned in the Soviet Union, thinks America is an inherently evil country of rich old white men, even though he’s a rich old white man himself.

He doesn’t see the irony in that as most prominent Communists and Socialists see themselves as deities of one sort or another, not mere mortals.

Ask the people of North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Algeria, Nepal, Nicaragua, Guyana, Bangladesh, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, Ecuador, Congo, Barbados, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritius, Mexico, Namibia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Suriname, Cyprus, Moldova, San Marino and others. Are their leaders duly and representationally elected or are they Gods, dictators, tyrants, despots and/or criminals?

Oh, that’s right, you can’t ask the people what they think of their leaders as that’ll get them beaten, imprisoned or killed. Their governments don’t allow freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom to assemble, a free press, civil rights, etc.

Back to Bernie Sanders, America’s #1 Communist

He attempts to portray himself as a far-Left “moderate” who would “fix” the wrongs of the past 240 years of white men and capitalist rule.

His policies are extreme, his wish-list of programs is prohibitively expensive and they aren’t very popular with much of America. Though the young people that have been indoctrinated into Socialism love him dearly, and he has many of them on his payroll.

And those people are dedicated to the core, revolutionary Communists. Admittedly willing to do “whatever is necessary” to remove any remnants of Trump and his supporters from society. Here is a sampling of what is coming out of Bernie’s campaign staff, and what the media refuses to tell you about:

Here are quotes of Bernie Sanders staffer Kyle Jurek, and this is only one person’s quotes out of hundreds on his campaign that more than likely think and talk like this every day of every year.

  • “It’ll start in Milwaukee and then when the police push back on that, other cites will fucking explode. The cops are going to be the ones fucking beaten in Milwaukee. Cities are going to burn.”
  • “MAGA people can be re-educated. We gotta try. In Nazi Germany after the fall of the Nazi party there was a shit ton of the populace that was fucking Nazi-fied. Germany had to spend billions of dollars to reeducate their people to not be Nazis. We’re probably going to have to do the same fucking thing here,” 
  • “That was the intention of gulags…remove people that were like, insidious to the state from the state…you guys are all causing problems…working against revolution…we’re going to remove you…learn the fucking value of being a comrade”
  • “I’m all aboard for gulags, like, I feel there needs to be re-education for a significant portion of our society.
  • “We don’t want to fucking have to like, eliminate people…if people are going to try and fight back against the revolution…if you’re going to take up arms against the revolution…expect a violent response”
  • “That’s kind of what Bernie’s whole fucking like ‘free education for everybody’ because we’re going to have to teach you to not be a fucking Nazi”
  • “There’s a reason Josef Stalin had gulags. And actually, gulags were a lot better than what the CIA has told us that they were. Like, people were actually paid a living wage in gulags, they had conjugal visits in gulags. Gulags were actually meant for, like, reeducation.”
  • “Expect violent reaction for speech”
  • “If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination or it goes to a second round at the DNC Convention, fucking Milwaukee will burn”
  • “[The] greatest way to break a fucking billionaire of their privilege and their idea that they are superior, go and break rocks for 12 hours a day. You’re now a working class person and you’re going to fucking learn what that means, right?”

And the staffers that made the comments above was not fired. Though he was told to shut down his Twitter accounts as that is considered an extremely severe treatment for Communist millennials or millennials in general.

To be fair, in December 2019 when Bernie found out one of his staffers had tweeted anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynistic language, he was immediately let go, terminated, FIRED.

So to Sanders and his campaign, calling a woman a dyke, even if she is a dyke, is a much worse offense than threatening to imprison and kill millions of Trump supporters.

That about says it all, doesn’t it?

One more thing. Bernie Sanders, Communist champion of human rights and a minimum living wage of $15 an hour, correct?

He pays his staffers $12 an hour.

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