Heidi Przybyla ~ NBC’s Resident Millennial Moron Hack


Scientists state that the entire universe is made up of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons. It seems as if NBC did not get the memo that included the “ons” that science overlooked. The Morons.

They are aplenty and can be found in every country on Planet Earth, and you don’t even have to look very far to find them. Go to the nearest NBC office, or any government office will normally suffice.

This Przybyla cretin is just about as obnoxious and ignorant as they come. She asks a question, which is to theoretically to elicit a response. Yet when the person attempts to respond, Przybyla cuts them off, repeatedly, time after time after time.

We are aware that Przybyla is really not a reporter/journalist, she is moron. Przybyla is a sycophant of the DNC and religiously follows their talking points on a daily basis. She never allows a Republican/Conservative to finish an answer, as she never agrees with their answer. Though she allows Democrats to go on and on spewing vitriol, hate, and lies without so much as interrupting a single time when questioning them.

She needs to be informed that she isn’t there to “agree or disagree” with a respondent’s answer, just to ask the questions to elicit the answers. That is her job. She is not to carry water for the Democrats, which she does, always. Never has she asked a “D” a hard question. They get 100% softballs.

Here is Przybla getting her ass handed to her (about the 2:10 mark) by New York Congresswoman Rep. Elise Stefanik after repeatedly cutting off the answers of questions she asks:

WATCH: Heidi Przybyla presses Reps. Zeldin, Stefanik and Johnson during a tense exchange about her tough questioning style on a question about corruption in Ukraine as it relates to the Senate impeachment trial.

Posted by MSNBC on Tuesday, January 28, 2020
NBC resident moronic Millenial Heidi Przybyla proving once again that one out of three NBC journalists is just as stupid and as intellectually dishonest as the other two.

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