America Hating Bitch/Skank Tears Up President’s Speech In A Fit of Pique


Can anyone blame President Trump for not shaking Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s hand at the State of the Union address last night? The Leader of the Socialists has called our President, her President, every name in the book and then some. Let’s harken back to some things Pelosi has said in the past.

Lest we forget, it was Nancy “Skank” Pelosi that initiated unfounded impeachment proceedings against the President using bought and paid for and totally false information given to her by Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the FBI.

It was Nancy “Skank” Pelosi that called our President (not necessarily in any order) a rapist, a racist, a King, anti-American, a hater, a traitor, a Russian asset, a Russian mole, a Russian spy, a liar, a dangerous man, a dictator, a thief in the night, crazy, a lunatic, insane, a moron, a tyrant, an idiot, and a soulless person. They compared him to Hitler, compared him to Stalin, and accused him of killing more people than Stalin, Hitler, and Mao combined.

She has accused our President of hiring prostitutes to pee on a bed that Obama once slept in to denigrate Obama’s memory. Not only has this been proven to have been made up by Hillary Clinton’s paid media goons, how would a little urine have tarnished Bathhouse Barry’s already in the gutter reputation?

She has repeatedly, without a single piece of real evidence, accused our President of conspiring with the Russians to steal the 2016 Presidential Election. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, and Schiff have been spewing this known lie, and their compliant Socialist media has been repeating it 24/7/365 since before Trump’s inauguration.

They’ve stated hundreds of times over 3+ years that they have overwhelming evidence, damning evidence, incontrovertible evidence that Trump IS a Russian spy. Not that they suspect it or think he might be. They have insisted for 3+ years that they had proof. How many times did Schiff say he HAD seen the evidence? Dozens at the least, hundreds probably.

Every day in the media there was a new “bombshell” report that was absolutely, for sure, without a doubt, take it to the bank, you can bet the bank on it, THE final nail in the Trump coffin. Only it was all a lie. Rachel Maddow made a 3-year career out of having a new bombshell report that would take Trump down, every single day.

Five, count ’em, 5 investigations have not found a single piece of evidence that Trump conspired with, or received assistance from the Russians. And this includes the wholly corrupted FBI and Mueller reports. The Barr report. The several Congressional investigation reports. They didn’t find any evidence at all. Only hollow and unverifiable accusations and heresay.

And as a matter of reference, the evidence shows that the Obama administration initiated an investigation, and green-lighted Hillary Clinton and the DNC to pay for the fake Russian dossier that was put together by a disgraced ex-MI5 agent, his Russian friends, and the FBI.

Yes, the FBI was involved neck-deep in the putting the dossier together and disseminating it to the media and Democrat politicians. This has been proven and evidence provided in the Mueller report and the Barr report. But that isn’t the story you read in the Mainstream Media.

Quite the opposite. The Left is promising that if Trump is not removed that the investigations will continue until they can remove him from office. That has been their stated goal since November of 2016.

The day after the President’s inauguration the New York Times said the impeachment has begun. They were not joking, they were giving orders.

So Nancy “Skank” Pelosi you’ve had your day, again. You made a total ass out of yourself, again. You showed America what a petty, mean, vicious, little asswipe of a Socialist that you are, again. Not that we needed reminding. We see photos of your poop and needle filled streets in San Francisco, YOUR district, every single day which reminds us of what you really stand for and your vision of America.

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