Bernie ~ The Red Menace


The father of modern Communism, Karl Marx said that democracy is the road to socialism, and socialism is the road to communism. The Socialist Party of the United States stated that Democracy and Socialism are one and indivisible. Thank God America is not a Democracy, yet that is.

Say what you will about Bernie Sanders, he’s somewhat honest. He says he’s a Socialist, which is just the “nice” way of saying Communist. He actually honeymooned in the former Communist Soviet Union when Americans normally did not take trips nor vacation there, as they were our sworn enemies. That about sums it up.

Fast forward 40+ years and he’s a hardcore Communist that is now the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, and 74% of Democrats say they’ll vote for Sanders.

He’s almost 80 years old, is perpetually angry, spits all over himself and others while spewing vitriol, and denigrates the American dream. The same American dream that earned him and his wife their millions of dollars. He just doesn’t want YOU to have that same opportunity that he took advantage of.

He champions a diverse range of ideas and programs. Free college. Forgive college student loans. Free welfare and food stamps for anyone/everyone including illegals by the millions. Open the border to all. Free medical care to everyone. Free public transportation to everyone, which we assume must include free airfare, bus fare, train fare, and cruises have to be included, right?

He champions either $15 or $22 minimum hourly wage (depending on who he’s speaking to), yet he only pays his staff $12 an hour. He will pay people that simply do not want to work and would rather sit at home and collect a paycheck. He will give jobs to anyone who wants one, but who would if you can get $22 an hour to sit at home?

Enjoy the election campaign. It’s only just begun.

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