Prevaricator – Fabricator – Perjurer – Equivocator or Dangerous? YES!


At first, it was just “Joe being Joe”. Then it became “he just loves children, a lot”. Then all the caressing and smelling of little boys and girls hair. Then all the caressing and hugging of grown women. Now he’s manufacturing history on a daily basis.

These are claims from the Presidential candidate for the Socialist / Democrat party himself:

  • Biden claims he was once arrested along with former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Andrew Young while in South Africa decades ago for attempting to visit Nelson Mandela in prison. His words.
  • Biden claims that his now-deceased son was Attorney General of the United States. His words.
  • Biden has repeatedly claimed his helicopter was forced down near Osama bin Laden’s base camp in Afghanistan. His words.
  • Biden has repeatedly claimed that he was a coal miner. Specifically, a hard-coal miner and it was anthracite coal he mined. His words.
  • Biden repeatedly claims to have “been shot at” while in the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq. His words.
  • Biden claims to have called infamous Serbian war criminal Slobodan Milošević a war criminal, to his face. His words.
  • Biden claims to have been a segregationist activist and participated in numerous sit-ins in Delaware in the 1960s. His words.
  • Biden claims a drunk driver killed his wife and baby daughter years ago in a traffic accident. His words.
  • Biden states he spent “a lot of hours alone” with President George W. Bush and bluntly rebuked the president over his foreign policy decisions. His words.
  • Biden claims 150 million Americans have been killed by gun violence since 2007. His words.
  • Biden claims he never knew until seeing it in news reports in the fall of 2019 that his son had business with people in Ukraine and made money from them while he was the VP. And he still denies that his son did anything untoward. His words.

Those are just a few of his dozens and/or hundreds of lies he’s been feeding America for decades.

First off, the guy’s a pervert. The video evidence is convincing and overwhelming. Dozens of videos exist of Biden touching, hugging, caressing, and smelling little girls hair, little boys hair, grown women, elderly women, or anyone that will allow him to grope, touch, and smell them, he’s down with it. It’s very creepy to watch.

The media has always made excuses for his sexual harassment and assault or others. Rather odd considering their strict stance on any conservative doing any of the above would be a criminal act, punishable by law, and they’d demand prosecution and incarceration.

Biden has a long history of lying, plagiarizing, manufacturing statistics and people, exaggerating his academic achievements, and he’s fond of using quotes from other politicians and public figures as his own, repeatedly. Yet the media never calls him out for his inherent dishonesty. NEVER!

But for Uncle Joe? No problem. It’s Joe Biden (D) remember? No “R” there.

Let’s go through a few of his lies (which the media calls gaffes, jokes, he misspoke, he was kidding, etc.). He’s either lying or he isn’t. You decide where the truth lies.

Arrested For Trying To Visit Nelson Mandela: FALSE
He’s never mentioned this arrest with Andrew Young or his attempt to visit Nelson Mandela until Jan. 2020. A check of news reports and a check with the police in South Africa show there was no such arrest on the record. Andrew Young was contacted and he said he was never arrested in S.A. and doesn’t recall Biden being arrested.

But it is now a recurring theme on the campaign trail. He wouldn’t be lying to try and gin up his black vote count, would he? Remember his Oct. 14, 2012 quip that Republicans were “gonna put y’all back in chains”? (Y’all meaning blacks). He plays the race card 24/7/365 when he can remember to do it.

Son Was Attorney General of the United States: FALSE
Rewriting history, one event at a time, just like his mentor Barack Obama. Biden’s son Beau, now deceased, was the Attorney General of the State of Delaware (pop. 898,000). But now, in his death, Joe has posthumously promoted him to Attorney General of the United States of America. In reality, he was never the AG of the US. Only in Biden’s weak little mind.

Helicopter Forced Down In Afghanistan: TRUE
This is where he only tells part of the truth, as the entire truth would destroy the narrative he’s created. His helicopter was forced down during a trip to Afghanistan, by a snowstorm. For all intents and purposes, he has always intimated that his chopper was brought down in an area rife with enemy fire and anti-aircraft weaponry.

He has kept that false narrative alive for years now, never refuting the news reports of him being “fired upon” or being “brought down by enemy fire”. Joe must be a real snowflake.

Is A Former Coal Miner: FALSE
His exact words were “I hope you won’t hold it against me, but I am a hard-coal miner… It’s nice to be back in coal country”. He and his campaign have claimed at various times that it was a “joke”. Yet he’s repeated it several times, always and only when he is in a coal-producing state. But the fact is that Biden nor any members of his family has ever been a coal miner, ever.

Was Shot At While In the Green Zone in Iraq: FALSE
His exact words: “Number one, you take all the troops out — you better have helicopters ready to take those 3,000 civilians inside the Green Zone, where I have been seven times and shot at.” On one of his trips to Baghdad, a single mortar landed several hundred yards away (900 yards is ½ mile), and this is what Biden calls being “shot at”.

Called Slobodan Milošević a “damn war criminal” to his face: FALSE
The proof that he did NOT call Milošević a war criminal to his face is the fact that Biden is still breathing. The story goes Biden told the Serbian war criminal “I think you’re a damn war criminal and you should be tried as one.” Several Biden aides who were present at this “meeting” said no such exchange occurred.

The Washington Post initially reported Biden making this absurd claim, and not a single other reputable news outlet ran this story because it was patently false on its face. But that doesn’t stop Biden and his campaign from repeating the lie over and over and over and over.

Claims He Was An Anti-Segregation Activist: FALSE
He has regularly claimed to be deeply involved in boycotts, sit-ins, protests, and demonstrations in support of civil rights. But he’s the only one that remembers him at any of these supposed civil rights events. He even used real black people as props in his fake stories and named them, and these men said Biden did not do the things he says he did. But this doesn’t stop Joe from lying about it. It’s what he does best.

Wife and Baby Killed by Drunk Driver: FALSE
Yes, it was tragic. His wife and daughter were killed and his two sons injured in a horrific traffic accident. Her car was hit by a tractor-trailer rig. A rig that was being driven by a drunk driver according to Joe Biden.

To this day Biden insists the driver Curtis Dunn “drank his lunch” that day. Biden has accused Dunn (now deceased) of this repeatedly. But the facts show something entirely different than the Uncle Joe narrative. In the extensive police accident investigation, supported by numerous witnesses and forensic evidence, it was determined that Mrs. Biden’s car drove into oncoming traffic and Dunn swerved to try and miss her.

Also, the police checked Mr. Dunn’s blood alcohol content and had his blood screened for drugs. Mr. Dunn’s blood alcohol content was 0.0% and the tox screen came up that he had no drugs in his system either. So he was not drunk and was not on drugs. But Joe Biden won’t allow the truth to stand in the way of his narrative.

A blood alcohol content of 0.0% is NOT drunk driving Joe, so Curtis Dunn did not cause this accident, and in fact, attempted to prevent it. But did they do a tox screen and blood alcohol content test on Mrs. Biden? Very doubtful. Joe Biden routinely speaks in front of MADD and other organizations and he always cites this lie as his impetus for his disdain of drunk drivers.

To be intellectually honest, it was 100% your former wife’s fault that your children are dead as she drove into the path of oncoming traffic because she was not paying attention. Her focus should have been to drive her children safely, and she failed to do that. But Joe would rather lie and denigrate the good name of an innocent man rather than tell the truth, which is that his wife killed his daughters, not a drunk driver.

Claims He Spent A Lot Of Hours Conferring With President Bush: FALSE
Biden claims he had several multiple-hour “private” meetings with President George W. Bush in which he confronted him about being a bad leader, and advising him on foreign policy decisions.

Oddly the White House logs, which are kept as public domain, show nothing of the sort. They, in fact, do not show as much as a single meeting between Biden and the President. There are no records of private meetings between Bush and Biden. None of the White House staff, Secret Service, nor Pres. Bush remembers a single private meeting with Biden, let alone several of them.

Firstly, Bush was no dummy as the Leftist media portrays all Republicans and their followers to be. Bush wouldn’t have given Biden 15 minutes alone as his reputation was and is that he’s a crude, oafish buffoon, a braggart, a prevaricator, an exaggerator, easily and highly manipulatable, void of intellect and scruples. And those are actually his good points.

There didn’t need to be a 2nd reason for a sitting President to NOT want to give audience to a single private meeting with Biden, let alone several.

Claims 150 Million Americans Killed By Gun Violence Since 2007: FALSE
“Imagine if I said we give immunity to drug companies, we give immunity to tobacco companies. That has caused carnage on our streets. 150 million people have been killed since 2007 when Bernie voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability,”  Biden said.

One would assume that being an ex-Vice President of the US that he would have a clue, even a little, eeny, teensy one, of the population of the USA. Don’t assume anything with this guy. The population of the US is now 328.2 million. But how can this be if, as Uncle Joe says, almost one-half of the population was killed by gun violence since 2007? Wouldn’t it now be 178.2 million or so if he was telling the truth?

Didn’t Know Son Hunter Biden Was Working In Ukraine: FALSE
You’d have to throw away logic, reasoning, sanity, and eyesight to believe that Joe Biden did not realize his son was raking in millions of dollars from Ukraine and tens or hundreds of millions from China.

He flew Hunter to his meetings on Air Force 2. He did not ask his son, even one time, what he was doing meeting with members of the Chinese military repeatedly? Or why he was meeting with the Board of Directors of the largest energy concern in Ukraine?

If he knew nothing, then why did Joe Biden threaten the Ukranian government that the USA would withhold $1.5 Billion in aid unless they fired the prosecutor that was investigating Hunter Biden’s employer, Burisma Holdings. Uncle Joe gave the Ukrainians 6 hours to fire the prosecutor or lose the money Obama promised them. The prosecutor was fired in 5 hours.

Burisma had appointed Hunter Biden to their board of directors on one of the trips that Joe Biden took to Ukraine on Air Force 2. During one of them, Hunter was appointed to the Board of Directors of Burisma Holding, an energy sector company in Ukraine.

Hunter Biden had no knowledge of or work history in the gas, oil, natural gas, nuclear, biofuels or alternative “green energy” fields. He knew nothing about any of those energy sources, yet he was given a position that paid him $83,000 every month to advise them. This is more than most Fortune 500 companies pay their Board of Directors.

And Hunter worked out an even more lucrative deal with the Chinese. He opened up some sort of real estate venture group and buys property for the Chinese. The Chinese fronted Hunter’s group $1.5 Billion. Didn’t pay him a commission, gave him cash, upfront. Oddly, that deal was also reached when Hunter accompanied his father to China, again on Air Force 2.

And Hunter made numerous trips to Ukraine and China with his father, but Joe SWEARS he had no idea his son was in business with anyone, especially the Chinese and the Ukrainians. Joe Biden also swears he never ever spoke to his son about what he does for a living, business, etc. The last he knew of Hunter’s employment situation was that Hunter was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use.

This is the same scumbag Hunter that started dating his brother’s widow after his death. Just can’t keep it in his pants. While he was raking in millions upon millions from the Ukrainians and Chinese, he was playing hide the hotdog with a stripper and got her pregnant. She’s been trying to get child support from him for a couple of years, but he pleads poverty or has his lawyers (note plural) file suits that delay, delay, delay.

He’s such a deadbeat dad, he even failed to provide the proper papers to a court after ordered to do so, and nothing has happened to him. There really IS a different set of rules for the political elite and their families. This is proof positive that the Deep State extends to everyday life and everyday living for Americans.

Let’s just start calling it the “Kennedy Rule”. The Elites, are well Elite. They are heretofore untouchable. But then what is the difference between then and now?

But to end on the lighter side, here is another side to Uncle Joe. He famously uttered “When the stock market crashed (in 1929), Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed. He said, look, here’s what happened.”

The only problem with this scenario is that the stock market crash was in 1929. Televisions were not invented until 1932, and then mostly only in the laboratory. They were really not mass-produced and affordable until the 1950s. In the early 30’s TV’s cost $13,000 or more, and programming was extremely limited, mainly select sporting events. Very few could afford a television in their home.

Sorry, but we have to Joe a FALSE on this one also.

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