“I Promise We’ll Cure Cancer” – Joe Biden


Joe Biden, ex-VP of the US, Democratic candidate for POTUS in 2020 actually promises to cure cancer, but it seems he’ll only cure it if you vote for him this November. Otherwise, why hasn’t he released his “cure”? It can only be for political gain, which is what Dems measure everything by.

Can it help me or will it hurt me? Those are the only two considerations that a Democrat puts into a policy, an agenda, a platform, a bill, a statement. It’s really the only thing they care about. Power, and how much of it they have and can exert.

For a person that is a self-described humanitarian, is as engaged and as caring for the American people as he claims to be, why won’t he give us his cure for cancer? It would benefit millions of Americans as well as tens of millions of people across the planet that are struggling with this insidious disease.

But, only if you vote for him this November.

Otherwise, he’d prefer that you die in abject poverty and indescribable pain, wasting away one day at a time. There is no other reason that would explain why he hasn’t cured it yet or provided the cure since he boasts he either can cure it or already has the cure.

Even Conan O’Brien found it disturbing evidently.

Oh yeah man, we’re gonna cure cancer, fix bad weather, make all roads the goodest roads in the world, get my son some cola, get rid of that stripper whore and cure stupidity.

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