Greeting From The State of Texas


OK, we know we’re hated. We haven’t figured out yet just why we’re hated, other than having voted for Donald Trump, who has given American the best economy in 50 years. FACT!

So why does this employee of the Pioneer City County Museum, Sweetwater, TX want all Republicans to die? She even put out the call for it on social media, who BTW only took it down when it made the news.

Melonnie Hicks, the director the museum posted what cannot be construed as constructive in any way, shape, or form:

So she wants approx. 100 million people dead, today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. TODAY!

And she is a city employee in Sweetwater, TX, where hopefully a Republican never spends another penny in their town until this cretin is canned.

Don’t hold your breath. She probably got a nice raise for being a part of the “resistance”.

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